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Life: A Weekend with the Biscuits - Windsor & Oxford

Today I’m carrying on from Thursday’s blog post today with a run through of what we got up to in Windsor and Oxford. Please, contain your excitement....

So, sorry if you aren’t interested in these kind of blog posts, but I’m finding them fun to write. I also apologise for the length of this blog post, if you make it to the end, you get a gold star.


I left my last post with us leaving Pooh Corner and heading on to Windsor.

Windsor is somewhere I went when I was a youngish child as I had family who lived in Watford at the time. I don’t remember much other than having my picture taken with a guard in the castle, and Mr Biscuit had never been before so we thought it would be a nice place to go together.

As we started our morning exploring the Pooh Corner we didn’t get to Windsor till about 12ish, and went straight to our hotel to park up.

We stayed at the Beaumont Estate, which was nice, but looked a lot fancier online than it did in reality.

Our room wasn’t ready when we got there, so we decided to walk into Windsor and head off in search of food.

Now, I may have actually looked up places to eat the week before we left. And I also may have actually put them all in a spreadsheet and printed said spreadsheet off before we left.

Yes, I’ve turned into that person.

But with so little time exploring each place, I wanted to make sure we were eating only the best food. We also have this rule of trying to eat from places we can’t get at home and avoiding chains. This helped us do this.

Our hotel was about a 50 minute walk from central Windsor, and by the time we made it to the centre I was feeling pretty hangry, and Mr Biscuit was feeling pretty hanxious.

Luckily, we made it to The Flaming Cow before either of us imploded. And boy oh boy did we have some tasty grub.

We went in pretty hard on the food, as I mentioned above, we were pretty darn hungry. The waiter, bless him, warned us we may be ordering too much food. Proof he doesn’t know us.

I ordered a BBQ Bacon burger and got them to put some cheese on it, along with some sweet potato fries (my current obsession, I get excited when I see these on the menu anywhere) and the best milkshake I may have ever had (I currently hold every milkshake up to the one I had at Shake Shack in London over V-day). It was Peanut Butter and Oreo and it was heavenly. Perfectly thick and so so good. I’m not a fan of actual milk, so I have to make sure they’re more ice cream then milk, and this was perfect.

Mr Biscuit had the Peanut and Bacon Burger, with pizza fries (yes, they’re like what you’d imagine them to be like), frickles (fried pickles) and a pistachio shake.

Let me tell you, there was not a crumb left.

Our stomachs then went from one extreme to the other and we decided to go for a gentle stroll around the shops.

When we were feeling a little less like we were going to burst, we headed in to Windsor Castle.

We didn’t actually get there till quite late and only managed to really go around the chapel, but it worked out ok in the end as your tickets allow you to return anytime in the year and the chapel was closed on the Sunday.

I also got to recreate my picture from childhood with one of the guards.

After our little meander we decided to get a taxi back to our hotel, and Mr Biscuit had an hour and a half snooze, whilst I had a lovely bath.

I tried to snooze but there were some very loud people being very loud outside our room so I just gave up.

Now, our room was nice, and the bed was comfy, but it did feel like a small comedown after our previous night.

As I said, we had our spreadsheet of where to eat, and even though we were still full from lunch, we soldiered on and went and had dinner at Punto. Because Punto was in old Windsor where our hotel was it was a simple 5 minute drive down the road, which pleased our weary feet.

Putno is a gorgeous little Italian restaurant that has so many delicious items on its menu. ‘Cause we were still feeling quite full, we only had a main(!) but it was super delicious. I had a lovely carbonara and Mr B had some sort of shell fish thing, which he said was amazing!

We then retired to bed, ready for the next day.

I’m an early riser, no matter how hard I tried, so we were up, ready and raring to go by about 8 o’clock the next morning. We checked out of the hotel, loaded our stuff into the car, and then did the 50 minute walk into Windsor.

It was slightly more enjoyable when I wasn’t contemplating eating my own arm the whole time.

The long walk down the Castle in view may be one of my favourite things about Windsor. If I lived near there I’d be up and down all the time.

We headed straight toward Cinnamon Café and I had the most amazing Cinnamon Bun of my life. Mr B isn’t a morning person so he just had a small porridge and an espresso, but I think he was a little jel once he saw mine.

After that we went back to Windsor Castle, and struck lucky again, as we managed to see the changing of the guards. As Queenie was home, it was even more spectacular than it’s normally meant to be. And because of the glorious weather (thanks for arriving finally Spring) I ended up having to be a tourist and buy a delightful cap #finehairproblems!

I tried to snapchat the changing of the guards too (username: fattybiscuit) but I don’t think I really captured it. If you ever get the chance to see it, go. It’s pretty amazing.

Once that had finished we explored the rest of the castle, then headed back to the hotel to get our car and head to our next food place.

Now, on my spreadsheet I had two places for lunch on the Sunday, one in Oxford, and one in High Wycombe. We decided to go for High Wycombe as it was halfway between Windsor and Oxford, and to be honest, it looked pretty darn tasty.

We went to Bluegrass BBQ and shared a platter with some chicken wings. I then went on to have the Reese’s Peanut Butter cheesecake, SO GOOD! We followed it up with a little walk around the shops then continued on to Oxford.


We arrived in Oxford to our wonderful B&B – Burlington House around 5ish and were checked in by the loveliest man called Ness. He very kindly gave us a cheeky little upgrade, and showed us to our wonderful room. It really blew my mind and has definitely made me into a B&B kind of person.  The attention to detail and warmth from Ness was fantastic.

The B&B was again about a 50 min walk into Oxford, with a good bus route too, so we decided to have a slow stroll in (mainly to build up our appetites for dinner…).

Honestly, we didn’t really do much, but it was so nice. I really enjoy just wandering somewhere new and having a good old natter with Mr B. And, let’s face it. Oxford is pretty darn beaut.

After posing for a ‘look, we’re now in Oxford’ photo for Insta, we headed toward our dinner destination, The White Rabbit.

If you like good pizza, in a ‘cool’ atmosphere, you need to head on down here. We really enjoyed it (even though the hipsters outside intimidated me at first #loser). Mr B, the only one of us to have actually been to Italy, said this was the most authentic pizza he has had outside of Italy –which I think speaks for itself.  

The following morning, after another early start from me (honestly, I wish I could sleep in) and a very lovely sleep in our comfy bed, we had a lovely breakfast at the B&B (everything was homemade, and it was delightful) then headed back into Oxford. Only to find Oxford doesn’t really wake up till late.

We had a perusal of some shops and just strolled around the city before heading to our final food stop: Atomic Burger.  

It’s worth visiting purely for the décor alone. I had a quite subdue ‘Daisy Duke’ burger with sweet potato fries, whereas Mr B decided to flex his stomach muscles once and tackle the BA barracus burger. (Which he did, with ease).

We then ended our trip with a stop at the Pitt Rivers museum, which, as someone who isn’t really a museum person, was kinda cool.

Feeling very full, and quite tired (we did a lot of walking that weekend) we decided to head home.
It was such a fantastic weekend, and I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts and have been given some inspiration for places to eat if you head to any of these.