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Life: Get to know me better - 20 things you might not know about me

I see a lot of different people do these kind of posts, and thought, you know what, been as though I don't really share that much about me personally (just my crappy eating habits) I thought I'd let you in on a few things about me.

Spoiler alert: I'm really quite boring!

I also considered sending out a tweet or insta post being all, ask me questions, but then I was like lol, as if anyone cares. So instead you just get some random facts I thought you may find interesting. 

- I'm paranoid about my hair falling out and I'm scared I'm going to need a hair transplant by the time I'm 25. My hair is really thin and fine and if there is any hint of sun I have to wear a cap or else I burn my scalp (#thecaplifechoseme). You also get a delightful view of my scalp whenever I try to put my hair up. 

- Whilst I try to come across all 'I don't care, you do you,' I'm actually quite self conscious, especially around peers. I think that's why I like to keep my 'Biscuit' life away from my real life.

-  I think my Lumi Light was one of the best purchases I ever made!

- Shoes are my thing. I'm forever buying them. I think this is 'cause shoes will always fit, however it's more trainers/boots/sandals than shoes that I tend to wear.

-  My dream job would be to work for Oh My Disney.

- I'm extremely close to my family, my parents are my best friends. I even get homesick when I'm away just for a night and I'm constantly texting them.

- My grandparents (and other family members) live in New Zealand and one of my most memorable trips was when I went to visit them. I'm actually hoping to go back out there next year...

- I can get a bit TV obsessive to the point where I've had to stop watching new things now as it got too much. I guess that's what happens when you stop being a student and have to work for a living. Sob/life is hard.

- I don't drink alcohol. I used to, but then a couple of drinks would have me throwing up and I don't actually enjoy the taste so decided to go tea total. I joke with Mr Biscuit (my boyfriend for those of you not in the know) that he's the reason I stopped drinking because the last time I was properly drunk was the night I met him.

- Since kicking my Pepsi Max addiction I only usually order water when I'm out now so I'm a very cheap date. I'm actually annoyed at myself as I really don't like the taste of Pepsi/Coke now and sometimes all I want is a nice cold can, but no!

- This isn't my first blog, but it is my first one on weight loss.

- I'm only 23 but act a lot older (and a lot younger at times)

- I  could actually be a hermit!

- I love driving to Podcasts. I find it so much more relaxing and interesting than music. My fave is Gilmore Guys.

- I love going to the theater and used to want to be an actress, but then I realised I'm too fat, can't sing and can't dance so had to change my career goals, but going to the theater is still something I love doing. 

- I'm currently re-watching Gilmore Girls for like the 10th time one episode a night.

- I used to be obsessed with reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. Now I tend to only read Hannah and Vivianna's blogs and watch Snapchat videos instead. (My username is fattybiscuit just FYI)

- I have to sleep in ear plugs and an eye mask as I'm such a light sleeper. When I first started going out with Mr Biscuit the only thing I'd keep at his house were an eye mask and an ear plugs! (I've only recently added a toothbrush and deodorant...) I also like to have something under my chin as I don't like feeling my double chin so tend to sleep with one of my Pooh's under my chin. Yup, I do resemble a 5 year old at times.

-  I'd really like to travel more and see new things, but I always end up spending my money on shoes or Disney  related items ...

- I love makeup and skincare but rarely bother doing my makeup except for special occasions as I'm too lazy!

Well then, I think I've probably bored you enough, but if you do have a burning question you need answered from me, feel free to leave me a comment or give me a shout on Instagram or Twitter.