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Life: About Last Weekend

Well, technically it wasn't the weekend, it was last Thursday and Friday, but that isn't that catchy for a blog post title now is it?

In case you didn't quite catch it, last Thursday-Saturday I packed up my bags and headed to the bright lights, big city of London.

I was in two minds before I left about whether I was going to blog about my trip. At first I had big plans to snap-vlog my trip (my snapchat is FattyBiscuit  btw) and take loads of pictures and document my whole trip.

And then, well, I kinda just lived in the moment and did whatever with little thought to any blog posts etc. 'Cause life and all that.

But now I've gotten home and I had such a fab time, I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite things we got up to, just so if you ever get chance, you can do them to and be all  'omg this is the bees knees, thanks Biscuit bbz!' (or something to that effect... - really hope I've used the right effect there....)

So, whilst this may not be my best blog post, I hope that if you're planning a trip to London I give you some ideas of things you could perhaps get up to, and of course, most importantly places to eat. Although don't get me wrong, London is huge with thousands of delicious places to chow down. 

And on that note, I may as well start with places we ate:

Now this place is all over the socials, with so many people singing its praises, and omg I can totes see why. This was hands down my fave meal of the whole trip. From the deliciousness and perfection to which the burger was cooked, the deep fried Mac 'n' Cheese bites (which speaks for itself, right) maybe some of the best onion rings I've ever had and then perfectly cooked fries. I couldn't fault  anything to do with that meal. The interior is all dark and quirky, and I maybe wouldn't recommend going their with either kids or your grandma (unless their a totes cool grandma) as it's slighty raunchy (I'm a prude....) but aside from that, get you're butt there. I think there are a few dotted around, but we went to the one behind Debenhams on Oxford Street.

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If you like proper ice-cream style milkshakes, you have to have one from Shake Shack. I dragged Mr Biscuit to Shake Shack on both Thursday and Friday so that I could get my Peanut Butter Milkshake fix and omg it was so worth it. Nestled in Covent Garden, it made the perfect walk from Oxford Street as it worked off both the big meals I'd had previously and was just the most stupendous dessert. Fun fact as well, on the Friday I sat and watched a woman spend well over 10 mins re-arranging her food and snapping pictures on her phone. I was fully judging her and thinking 'JUST EAT YOUR GOD DAMN BURGER' then realised she worked for their social media team. Lolz.

I actually booked a table for here the week before we went 'cause I've heard it can get crazy busy (we got there just before 12 and it was quite empty, by about 12.15 it was packed...) and although the food was good, I've got to admit I was a little underwhelmed. I  think it's because MeatLiquor had been so good this left a little to be desired. But it wasn't a bad meal by any means, and I know a lot of people love it, so I definitely think you should check it out for yourself. We shared a Bodeans Platter with a side of onion rings then  Mr B also had a hot dog!

And er, that's kind of all I really ate, bar the Big M's breakfast I had the morning we left....

Onto what we did:

The main reason for this whole trip was because Mr Biscuit had bought me tickets to see Aladdin for my birthday. I'm sure you're all aware that I'm a huge Disney fan, and as soon as I heard this musical was coming to London I just knew I had to go, and oh boy, it did not disappoint. I don't want to say too much because I'd hate to ruin it, but I had goosebumps from the start and I now have the soundtrack on a loop playing in my car. I already want to go back and watch it all again because it was that amazing!

I totally found out about this on a whim, but it was seriously amazing! They're only running it for a few more weeks but if you get a chance you should defo check it out. Visiting the zoo was on the list of things I wanted to do on our visit anyway as I love that kind of stuff, and when I found out about this event I just knew we had to do it. We paid an extra £2.50 each and did the guided tour, which was fab and even got us taken into the keeper area where we learned about all the animals food and feeding programme, it was so insightful and interesting. The whole event was so surreal and fantastic. There were grown adults walking around with animal ears on and their face painted carrying bottles of wine. Imagine a festival at a Zoo and that's what it was like. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

3. Primrose Hill

Before we went to the Zoo we made the climb  up to Primrose Hill which is only a 10 minute walk away from the Zoo and the view was just awesome. I've heard a lot about the view and it didn't disappoint. Perfect if you fancy getting an arty shot for Insta....

I think that's kind of it for all the 'big' things we did. We also went to M&M World, The Nickelodeon Store, Covent Garden and Camden (my first time, it was an experience...). 

I already want to go back and continue exploring, so let me know your best recommendations!