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Life: A Weekend in Sheffield

Last weekend was Mr Biscuit's Birthweekend, and as a little surprise, I booked us a trip to Sheffield for the weekend to celebrate. ( I know, I'm such a lovely person.)

Why Sheffield? I hear you ask. Well, because as part of my work I write about the best places to eat in different cities, and Sheffield looked pretty darn tasty if I'm being frank. 

A weekend in Sheffield

So on Thursday night, we hopped in my car and started the drive up.

Now this was meant to be a things to do in Sheffield kind of post, but it's basically turned into a 'what my stomach did' in Sheffield kind of post.

I hope you'll forgive me.

Inferno Pizza Nottingham

Because I knew we would be going straight after work on the Thursday and would most likely be hungry, I factored in a little pitstop at Inferno Pizza in Nottingham, and omg best decision ever.

(And yes, the whole trip was literally planned around my/our stomach.)

So, Inferno is basically like Subway for pizza. It's the only way I can describe it. 

You get your base, then chose your sauce, toppings, what cheese you want and any little extras.

It's seriously so cool. And it's ready in like two minutes, which was just perfect for us. I'd highly recommend a visit. The staff that served us were also super cool, and once your pizza is ready they shout 'Laura, you're pizza is ready.'

Inferno Pizza Nottingham

With our tummies very happy, we carried on our drive up to Sheffield. 

I thought I'd just give you a quick little review of our hotel too, just in case you're looking for a place to stay in Sheffield on your visit. ('Cause obvs you're totes going to visit now.)

The Rutland Hotel

The Rutland Hotel

We stayed in The Rutland Hotel because I found a pretty swish deal on It was a nice enough hotel, but omg it was friggin' boiling. Whilst there was (really noisy) air con in the room, it was just so hot and stuffy.

Aside from near metlation, the room was pleasant enough, had a big bed and gave us a pack of free biscuits, so ya know. Can't complain.

I wouldn't say there is anything special about the hotel, but it had free parking, and was in a good walking distance from the centre, which is what I look for in hotels. 

Now, back to the food. 

We woke up bright and early on the Friday morning and headed straight to Forge Bakehouse, which is kind of the whole reason I chose to come to Sheffield, because omg their French Toast sounded amazing.

Spoiler alert, it also tasted amazing.

After walking for half an hour in the pouring rain from our hotel to Forge Bakehouse, I was so ready to get stuck in. I was a little taken aback by just how small the place was, there were about five tables, and we ended up sharing. If it was a busy Saturday, I think we would've had to wait quite a while. 

However they do have quite a bit out of outside seating, so it would be great in the summer. 

Forge Bakehouse

Anyway, back to the food. As soon as my French Toast was put in front of me, I knew I'd made the right choice, and holy moly it was the most amazing French Toast I've eaten. 

From the little bits of peanut brittle, the cherry compote, the drizzle of chocolate and the gooey thick bread, it was just a taste sensation and I already want it again.

I was slightly worried about portion sizes when I was looking at the menu online, but by golly (yes it sounds wrong doesn't it?) it was bloody huge! I *nearly* didn't finish it (only nearly, I couldn't' let you all down.)

Mr B said that his Huevos Rancheros (which I cannot say for sh*t) was the best he's ever had too, and the portion size satisfied him, which is no mean feat as he has a bigger appetite than even I do.

Forge Bakehouse

With our stomachs extremely full and happy, we then headed for a wander toward the centre, with a quick stop a Bramwell Lane for Mr B.

After a quick look in the shops (fun fact, shopping isn't fun when you've gained over two stone and have just eaten a huge breakfast) we headed toward Kellham Island, only to find everything was shut. Fun.

We had a few drinks at a place called The Fat Cat (not my kind of place, but Mr B loved it) then wandered back to the centre. (Yes, a lot of wandering occurred).

We then decided to take a stroll up and down Division Street, and ended up popping int The Great Gatsby for a drink. Now, I don't normally drink, but on this day I really fancied a cocktail, and my Pale Rider did not disappoint. 

Tbf, it was worth having just to watch the guy make it! 

The Great Gatsby Sheffield

Continuing our stroll down Division Street we then ended up mooching round a few quirky shops the street has to offer, then popped into Brew Dog, which I think pushed Mr B over the edge a little (read, he got very drunk), before going and getting food at Bungalows and Bears. 

Bungalows & Bears Sheffield

We started with Belly Pork Mac'n'Cheese and some BBQ and Buffalo chicken wings. and omg if you go, you have to have that Mac'n'Cheese 'cause it was bloomin' amazing!!!

Bungalows & Bears Sheffield

For mains I had some Southern Fried chicken which was better than any fried chicken I've had before and could teach KFC a thing or two about fried chicken. Mr B had a cod burger which he said was excellent too.

The service was really quick and we found a table round the back of the bar where it felt a little quieter than round the front and was nice and cosy. (Well, except for the lads doing their best impressions of Meg Ryan in 'When Harry Met Sally.'

Baskin Robbins Sheffield

We decided to get dessert from Baskin Robbins' as I've never been to one before and ooo hubba hubba that Cream Brulee ice cream was a delight. I may have had a scoop of ice cream and a milkshake because I couldn't choose, but that may have also been a mistake as I felt very sick for the rest of the night. 

The next morning I thankfully woke up hungry again, and was super excited to head to Marmadukes Cafe Deli for my breakfast.

It was set in a really cute building right in the centre, and if you can, get a seat upstairs next to the window that looks into the kitchen. It was so amazing watching the cakes being made that before we'd even eaten we knew we were taking some of these cakes home.

At one point the chef got a blow torch out and me and Mr B both gasped in excitment.

We live a wild life...

Marmadukes Cafe Deli

Marmadukes Cafe Deli

On to the food.

I had the peanut butter pancakes which were seriously amazing!!!! And Mr B had the Devonshire Oatcakes. 

Something I really liked about the place was that they had a tap upstairs with jugs and cups so that you could drink water to your heart's content.

Sufficiently full, whilst not as stuffed as the day before we tried to go back to the Kellham Island Museum, only to find out it was shut, again...

We consoled ourselves by stopping at Steam Yard on the way back to our hotel as I'd heard good things about their doughnuts and just had to buy one (which I saved for later).

Steam Yard Sheffield

Steam Yard Sheffield

I got the White Chocolate one, which I'm not too sure about if I'm honest, but the doughnut itself was absolutely amazing!!! So good.

We then hopped in the car and headed to the place I was probably most excited for. 'Our Cow Molly'.

'Our Cow Molly' is a local farm which makes the milk which services hundreds of locally Sheffield establishments and has an ice cream parlour at the farm.

Our Cow Molly

I had the Snickers flavour and Honeycomb and I swear if I could only eat one Ice Cream for the rest of my life, it would be that Snickers one. Oh hubba hubba.

After that we drove to Hillsborough for Mr B, and then Meadowhall so that I could visit the Disney Store, 'cause me.

So, to sum up, an extremely tasty weekend that has left me feeling pretty hungry now I'm writing about it.

Have you tried any of these places? Where should I visit next? 

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