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Life: Five Things from September

Five things from September

And with that September all but feels like a distant memory. For me, September was the month I'd pretty much been looking forward to for the whole year, and I'm pretty sure you're all aware why.

I knew I would be, but I'm already so sad that it's over! I mean, it was a pretty epic month. But hey, at least I can start looking forward to Christmas now....

Flat coat retriever

1) Bruno

Of course I had to mention getting this little pup. You can read more about him here but honestly, he has settled in so well, and he adores Max and everyone so much, that it really feels like he's been here all along. I mean, if he could stop nipping so much, that would be great, but he's just so gorgeous. I loves him a lot.

Forgebakehouse Sheffield

2) Sheffield

Ever since I wrote about places to eat in Sheffield for work, I knew I had to visit, and with Mr Biscuit's birthday looming, I decided to go and book a surprise trip for its birthday. Let me tell you though, the food was defo worth it. You can read more about our trip here. 

3) Bridget Jones Baby

I don't have a picture for this one, but I'm sure you've all seen the poster plastered on buses etc. Now, I've always been a fan of Bridget Jones, it's been my go to cheer my up film and probably my favourite none Disney film. I can pretty much quote the whole film, so I was quite excited, if not a bit sceptical when this film was announced. I can firmly say though that I found it totes hilare and even Mr Biscuit choked on his lemonade at some points. It left me all 'yaasss Bridget slay', and definitely did not disappoint, nor did it tarnish the originals.

Mcfly Anthology Tour

4) McFly

In the Biscuit household, we are very much a 'traditions' kind of family. We tend to go to the same place on holiday each year, eat at the same establishments, and don't even try to tell us to shop somewhere other than Asda. One of these traditions, is that me and my dad always watch McFly when they tour, and this year was no different. This event was actually meant to happen in June, but got pushed back to September, and it was definitely worth the wait. This tour focused on individual albums for each night, and we went to the first and it was epic. If you're not that fussed on McFly, you need to see them live, because honestly it's just something else. They are seriously awesome.

Disneyland Paris

5) Disneyland Paris

Obviously I had to put Disneyland Paris in this post, because guys it was the most magical trip EVER. Bar the fact my suitcase got lost, everything was just perfect. I'm going to do whole separate posts on both the run and the trip itself, but honestly, it was worth waiting over a year for, and those memories are going to last a life time. Man is the PDD (Post Disney Depression) hitting me hard now though.

If you want to see what I was loving last month, see here.

Sneaky edit, but I've kept up with my reading before bed and want to share that I also loved this book series, and this book too. 

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