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Life: My trip to Disneyland Paris

This is probably one of the most exciting blog posts I've ever written, because guys, it's all about bloomin' Disneyland.

As I'm sure you all know, 'cause you all totes read this blog post, I had my trip planned for over a year, and even though I was running a half-marathon there, I'd been excited for over a year.

The thing with having over a year to be excited means that you also have a year to kind of plan all the things you want to do, which for me basically meant stalking loads of Instagram and Twitter pages and seeing what makes the best kind of photos.

Sorry, not sorry.

This was my second trip to Disneyland Paris, and although I feel bad saying it, this trip blew my last trip completely out of the water.

And my last trip was pretty darn magical.

Aside from the day we got there, which was pretty much like the first five minutes of 'Up' (lost luggage, wrong room number, general feeling rubbish), the Disney Magic was truly present, and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect trip if I'm honest.

Now, I always knew I wanted to write about my trip, because I'm me and I love filling this ol' blog with bits and bobs from my life, and if I'm honest, I'd love to only blog about Disney and live in my Disney bubble forever, but I still don't really know how to lay it all out.

I mean, I could do a day by day breakdown, but I think I might just babble and share my highlights and the things that helped make my trip instead, 'cause otherwise it would be another lengthy blog post, and my guess is most people, who care, are just here for the photos...

Character Meets

We were so lucky with all the characters we got to meet.

When we went two years previous, we met a grand total of three characters. Mainly because we were just so overwhelmed at being there and wanting to 'experience' everything, rather than stand in queues and also because I felt a little bit awkward about it all.

But not this time. This time I was literally willing to push young kids out the way to meet my faves. Not even sorry.

I think it's because I follow quite a lot of  people on Instagram that spend a lot of time at the parks, and they've made me realise it's totes ok to go and chill with your faves, they don't care how old you are (or at least they don't show it.)

I also had my picture that I wanted to get signed, so there was that. (I'm still so amazed that I got as many as I did.)

And then also the race really helped with meeting characters too.

One of the reasons we got to meet so many characters was because I followed ED92 on Twitter, and they were great at pointing you in the direction of characters not on the programme.

I literally ran across Fantasyland to meet Belle and Gaston, and again ran to meet Flynn and Rapunzel the first time we met them.

Yeah, about the first time we met them.....

So, we were sitting having lunch in Planet Hollywood and I see that ED92 post that Rapunzel is out, with Flynn, so of course I'm all FML, this is who I want to meet! So when we've finished, we headed off to find them, and what do you know, I spot them, run (yes, run) toward them, and instead of taking pictures, they're playing games and getting everyone to join in. It was honestly amazing, and I'm still in awe of what happened.

Character Dining

When we went last time, every day when we walked past Cafe Mickey, I'd have a look in and see who was inside and get a little jelly that we weren't going, so this time we booked to go, the day we booked our extra days (more about that soon.)

We booked it for our last day as something to look forward to, but during my digging around of places to eat at Disney, I heard Inventions pop up a few times. And once I was told it was pretty much character dining, but in the actual Disney Hotel, I was sold.

It's pretty pricey, but Mr Biscuit says that was his favourite meal of the whole trip and worth every penny(cent). It's a buffet style restaurant, but the amount of food that's on offer is crazy, the quality is pretty high, and if you love seafood (like Mr B does) you'll think you've died and gone to food heaven.

One thing I would say is, don't book it for the end of the day like we did. We ate around two, and whilst the restaurant was quiet, it mean there weren't that many characters coming in and out. They also stop serving just after 3 too. 

Cafe Mickey is also a buffet style restaurant, and as we went for breakfast it was, funnily enough, breakfast style food.

Who'd have thought it?

I was pleased though as they served both hot and cold food, which they didn't do when I last went and ate breakfast at the hotel (we didn't eat breakfast at the hotel this time).

Cafe Mickey, definitely feels more relaxed than Inventions, but that's expected due to the whole 'Cafe' bit being in it's name.

From what I could see through the window, we got the same characters that had been out all week.

The lighting in Cafe Mickey is pretty awful though, just saying.

The orange hue does not make for good insta pics bbz.

Looking back, we probably didn't need to do both of these character dining experiences, but that's not to say they weren't both awesome!

I honestly couldn't tell you which was a better experience either, as they were both great, however I think you do get the same range of characters at each.

We booked Inventions through the concierge on the day we got there, and I would definitely recommend booking.


The last time we came to Disneyland Paris we stayed in the Sequioa Lodge, and because we enjoyed it so much, we decided to do the same again this trip.

Whilst many think it makes it extra pricey to stay in a hotel on the Disney site, we've found it to be very reasonable, and full of lots of extras you wouldn't get elsewhere.

As I mentioned in my running post, we bought accommodation in our running package, that covered the Friday night - Sunday night, we then purchased extra days through Disney so that we could stay Monday night and Tuesday night.

With that package we got 3 day park hopper passes (these can cost 90 Euros on the day), which meant we could go into the parks on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which was great as from the race we could use those passes to go in on the Saturday and Sunday.

We also got breakfast each morning, which we decided to not actually use because we wanted more time in the parks and Mr B isn't a breakfast person and I'm not a huge fan of continental. To our surprise, we had also booked at a time where they were giving away a free half-board plan.

This meant that we got 2 meals each at a variety of different restaurants, along with two 'tea-time treats' (a doughnut or ice cream and a drink between 3-6pm from most stalls in the parks.) This was great and saved us around 80 Euros (yeah I can't find that symbol so just gonna keep writing it) each, each day we used them.

Probably my favourite thing about staying in a Disney hotel is the fact you get 'Extra Magic Hours'. These allow you to enter the park 2 hours before it's open to the public, meaning you get on rides without long wait times, and meet some extra characters. (Plus, get great Insta shots without loads of people around.)

For our extra days I think we paid just under £500 for the both of us, which I don't think is too bad at all. Yes, if you want to stay in the main Disneyland Hotel, it's going to break the bank a little bit more, but some of the other hotels are really reasonable, and I'd really recommend you look into them.

Plus, you can just walk to and from the parks to your hotel every day, and there's a cool boutique shop in each hotel!

Oh, and we got two double beds in our room. Absolute dream! Oh, and a bath!

Also, (just when you think this bit's over) the staff during our stay were amazing.

There was a little mix-up with our room number, which was sorted quickly, they worked it out so that we wouldn't have to check out and re-check in again with our two stays, and they were extra lovely about my whole missing suitcase. Nothing was too much for everyone we spoke to.

Were We Ate

When I was looking into the different places to eat before we went (I'm not the only one who does this, right?) a lot of reviews weren't all too complimentary. I, however, found everything we ate to be pretty alright if I'm honest, and yeah, it wasn't fine dining perhaps, but we were at, what is basically a theme park for 6 days, so that's to be expected.

- The Earl of Sandwich: This was probably one of the most hyped, and most disappointing of the meals we ate if I'm honest. It probably wasn't helped by the fact it was the longest we had to queue and the fact it was the day we arrived and my suitcase was nowhere to be seen. It was ok, but no Subway. 5/10.

- The Steak House: We ate here on the Saturday as kind of a linner, as our last 'big' meal before the race, and I think this may have been one of my favourites. It's quite pricey, but because we had a 15% off voucher due to the run, it wasn't as bad as it could be. I was pretty much addicted to the bread a butter we got given, which the AMAZING WAITER (honestly, he was fab!) kept giving to us, so I just had that for a starter. We both had steak, I had mine with chips, obvs, and Mr B had mash which was basically pure butter and cream (in a good way) and then for dessert Mr B has some Sundae and I had Creme Brulee which they served to me ON FIRE. It was pretty epic, and I loved our whole experience there. 9/10.

- Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon: This place was our race day treat. We booked a table for 6, and then had a cheeky Maccies after the race, and saved ourselves for this. It's an all you can eat buffet place that focuses on Mexican/Texas food, so think your fajitas. nachos, ribs etc. It was all so good, but for some reason my stomach wasn't at its usual capacity, so I didn't take as much advantage as I would've liked. Again, it was part of our 15% off voucher and honestly, it's somewhere  I'd go back on another visit, even without the voucher. 8/10.

- Planet Hollywood: I mean, this one is pretty standard, right? You can't go somewhere where there's a Planet Hollywood and not eat there. It was your average Planet Hollywood menu, plenty of choice, and everything we had was delicious. 8/10

- Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost: We spotted this place on maybe our first day, and were both drawn in by the word 'pizza', obvs, so on the Monday evening we used our half board vouchers and each got a pizza, a side (I had garlic bread, Mr B had salad (weirdo) and a dessert (I had a magnum, Mr B had a fruit salad, bigger weirdo) oh, and a drink, and we didn't pay a penny, which obvs made the food taste even better. It was also served in perhaps what was the best pizza box ever. The pizza was good, doughy and really cheesy, and better than your average theme park pizza I'd say. 8/10

- Casesy's Corner - This is where we had our final meal, and used our other half-board voucher. We had this just before our Eurostar around 4ish after being full all day from Cafe Mickey and each had a Hot Dog, with Fries, a drink and a doughnut for afters. This was pretty much the most 'theme park' food we had, but was perfectly nice none  the less. 7/10

Favourite Rides

This trip made  me realise that I'm probably a little too old for rides now, as they all felt rickety and made me feel slightly sick. That being said, here were some of my faves:

- Peter Pan's Flight
- Rockin' Rollercoaster
- The Storybook Boat
- The Ratatoulie Ride


Crush's Coaster has lengthy queues the moment the park opens, so be ready to hit that ride first, as soon as you get into Walt Disney Studios.

If you have extra magic hours, make sure you use them.

People start getting spots for parades/fireworks very early, so start getting your spot at least an hour before (especially on a weekend) if you want a good one. After thinking half an hour was enough on the Saturday (it wasn't) we managed to get excellent spots for the other ones, and the two 'Disney Dreams' we watched were viewed from excellent spots too.

Get as many early nights as you can. You may think it'll be fun to go back and lie on your phone for an hour, but don't just go to sleep.

Go and see Mickey and the Magician, it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

If your luggage gets lost on your trip, go to Val De Europe and go in the Supermarket. It's like Asda and Costco had a love child up in there.

And I think that about covers everything.

I probably should've written myself notes each day so I could write a more thorough blog post, but ah well.

I hope this gives you some information/insight/ is a bit interesting, and huge well done if you got to the end!


  1. Glad you had a good trip, our visit in March was the most charCters we had met too- I think because of the closures on rides they've added more about the parks. Winnie the Pooh was fab and we all got amazing bear hugs from him! We also met rapunzel in the princess pavilion- she was amazing with my little ones, I had goosebumps the whole meet! We've been 5 times now (three before children', one being when we got engaged) other two with them, and we hadn't eaten in inventions before - did this trip though and was lovely!! Was my 'birthday' meal, we had a dinner booking pretty much when it opened in the evening and was amazing interactions- my daughter danced with Mickey Mouse, eeyore played peek a boo with my little Mr. Just fab. Cafe mickey is only buffet for breakfast - but it is going to be refurbed and not have characters in it from what I have read!! Which is a shame. Was sad we couldn't get on Peter pans flight as it was closed, but buzz's ride was a favourite for the little ones!! I am desperate for another trip.. Start saving again :) xx

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  3. Hi, sounds fun! I went in December and for the first time stayed onsite at the Santa Fe. With half board vouchers you can actually get the buffet restaurants included, plaza gardens is amazing! You can also use them towards the cost of restaurants such as Walt's (although didn't actually enjoy this) and Bistrot Chez Remy (just don't ask for your steak well done or if
    Comes out totally burnt to a crisp lol). Enjoyed this post :) I'm desperate to go again soon! Love Disney!

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