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Food: Smoothie 1


So, until a couple of weeks ago, I was addicted to Pepsi Max. I could drink a 2 litre bottle in a day kind of addicted. So much so that my parents restricted me to two cans a day. It got to the point where I'd have one can in the morning and then one again in the afternoon. Since then I've been replacing these cans with a smoothie; and I actually don't miss Pepsi that much at all. Therefore I'm sharing with you my favourite recipe.


The ingredients are pretty simple and I don't bother measuring.




Baby Spinach

Coconut Water


Then I just shove it in my blender and blend for about a minute.


Then it's ready to pour! Enjoy.

Don't get put off by the colour, you can't taste the spinach at all.

IMG_3311The best thing about it is that it's all fine on Weight Watchers. Bonus!

Musings: What's different this time?

What's different this time?As a person who's embarked on numerous weight loss attempts previously, and even been mildly successful, it's not surprising that a question that pops up is 'what's different this time?'

I'm very lucky to have a supportive family who when I came home yesterday with a Weight Watchers booklet under my arm said they would help me in any way they could. However that little voice in my head, the same one that told me another slice of banana bread won't hurt (until the whole loaf was gone, which is what happened Monday) is asking me how this time is going to be different from all the other times I've embarked to slim down in the past.

When I signed up to Weight Watchers yesterday I was asked a few questions about why I was signing up. I was quite surprised by my answers. Previously it was so I could get a gorgeous body and have men fall at my feet. This time it's because I don't feel healthy, and know my weight is going to start impacting my health if I don't do anything about it.

I chose Weight Watchers as it's the only diet (lifestyle) plan I've been able to stick to and see success. Yet, it has always crept back on.

This blog post is just the first step of how I want things to be different. I've seen the positive impact sharing an experience like this can bring to a person, and would like to believe that my documenting the good and the bad parts of this journey will help me to reflect on what's happening and prevent myself from ever finding myself in this position again.

So what's different this time? I'm going to do it!

The beginning

Fatty Wants a Biscuit

On Wednesday 30th July 2014 I walked into the 10 o'clock Weight Watchers meeting and signed up for the third time. After previously losing weight successfully over the past six years on Weight Watchers (and then getting carried away and putting weight back on) I decided (and hoped) third time would be a charm.

To make things different this time I decided that I'd begin a blog to go alongside my journey. I've been blogging since 2012 on a beauty blog, and thought I'd create a separate one where I can post my weight loss musings in a different space.

It's a bit of a snap decision doing this. I've toyed with it for a while, but having the idea and putting it into practice are two very different things. I love writing and being creative through writing, and I thought hey, there is no harm in trying.

So welcome! What you'll actually find here, I'm not too sure of myself, but you never know, things could get interesting, and maybe even inspirational.