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Fatty Wants a Biscuit - UK Weight Loss Blogger

Just a girl, standing in front of a biscuit, asking it not to make her fat.

I'm Laura, a 25 year old girl who's learnt that you can't eat biscuits and cake and look like Jenifer Lawrence.

Feeling unhappy in myself I waddled down to a local Weight Watchers meeting and found out I was the heaviest I've ever been.

After enjoying writing a beauty blog for over two years I decided I'd create a weight loss adventure. With what idea in mind, I'm not too sure. But alas, here we are!

You'll find a whole host of random rubbish on this blog as I tend to just write a load of different things about anything that takes my fancy. Expect food recipes that are weight loss friendly (and some that aren't) along with my inherent musings and the occasional life stuff. I may even throw in some fitness blogs from time to time.

What began as a blog to help me with my weight loss process, has turned into something I'm not even quite sure how to describe. But thanks for stopping by!