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Food: Six meals with Muscle Food

Last month, I was just casually going about my day when an exciting email popped into my inbox from Muscle Food.

It was someone from their team asking if I'd like to work with them, so I obviously said yuh-huh 'cause who doesn't love meat right? (obvs veggies and vegans) and within a couple of days an exciting hamper of meat turned up at my work.

Six meals with Muscle Food

And oh my gosh, so much meat. I can't find the exact hamper I got sent, but it was very similar to this one. 

Once I'd finished marveling at the amount I'd been sent, I portioned it all up and popped it in the freezer and since then have been slowly been making my way through it all.

I know, it's a hard life right?

However, instead of just posting about how lucky I am, and how much meat there was, blah blah blah, I thought I'd share with you six different meal ideas you can create using hampers such as this that are totally weight loss friendly. Don't say I never give you nothing...

I will say, however, that everything I've tried so far has been pretty epic. Hardly any, sometimes none whatsoever, water or fat has come out of any of the meats I've used and they all taste fantastic. Like, proper tasty, as in could've got them from the farm shop kinda tasty. 

Now, onto the meal ideas.

1) Chilli

Chilli made with Muscle Food

I just used this chilli recipe and swapped the mince I usually use for the extra lean mince beef in my hamper. I really loved how 'meaty' the mince tasted, totally added to the flavour of the chilli *heart-eyed emoji*.

2) Meatballs and Pasta

Muscle Food Meatballs

Each of the meatballs in the pack are half a syn each, so I've popped 3 meatballs per portion, making it 1.5 syns each. Which, you may think is a lot for what seems small, but they are pretty darn large meatballs, and 3 was totally filling, even for a fatty like me. Also, OMG they tasted so friggin' good. Like seriously, so good.

 For the sauce I just fried some garlic with some chopped tomatoes and then added a splash of Lea & Perins, and a tsp of Spicentice Italian Rub*. I then added the meatballs to the sauce (after I'd steamed them to cook them.)

3) Sticky Steak and Potatoes

Muscle Food Steak

I used the Slimming World Sticky Chicken recipe and just marinated two flat iron steaks in it instead. I then fried them off in FryLight and then roasted some potatoes with a bit of garlic and Bob's your Uncle. (Your delcious tasty Uncle, obvs, not the one who smells like farts all the time.)

4) Fajita Chicken

Fajita Chicken 

Now I've banged on about how much I love my Chicken Fajita Pasta, but this time I just used the fajita spices to cook chicken and fajita veg which I can then pair with anything I fancy. Gotta love versatility. 

5) Breakfast Muffins

Breakfast Muffins

I think it's a well-known fact if you follow my social accounts that I love my Breakfast Bake, but I decided it was high time I gave something else a try, therefore I had a go at making some breakfast muffins (after being inspired by my fave gal Shrinks). I just fried some mushroom, tomatoes and bacon together, then mixed it with some egg and baked it in the oven until cooked. I then popped it in the fridge and re-heated on the day I wanted to eat them.

6) Hot Piri Piri Chicken Skewers

Hot Piri Piri Chicken Skewers

I don't actually know the syns for these, but I presume it's quite low so guessing 1, don't hold me to it though, k? (I CBA to work it out either, soz not soz)

Anyway, I cooked these beauties on the BBQ and then chowed down on them with a side of Mexican Rice. Easy peasy. I've got to say, they are the bomb diggity. Whether that's cause they were cooked on the barbie or what, but it was well yum in my tum. 

Now, if this has wettened your appetite and you're all, 'oo, I think I'll make a Muscle Food order', then if you use the code FWABSW you can get a free Syn Free Chocolate Fudge Syrup. 

You're welcome.

As always, although I was sent these for consideration, I wasn't paid to write this (except in glorious meat) and all opinions recipes etc or my own. I'm only ever honest.

Big thanks again to Muscle Food for sending me their products to try, I'm very grateful.


  1. I've had two of the big hampers from muscle food now- and really impressed. Were the meatballs the giant ones? They are lovely!! I did a spaghetti meatball bake when we had them, delish! Going to have the peri peri skewers one night this week for dinner or cook for lunch depending what have planned. Really enjoyed the beef hache steaks- have turkey ones to try in the recent bundle we had x

    1. Yeah the meatballs were the giant ones and omg they were SO good. I really enjoyed them. I loved the peri peri too, hope you enjoy them.


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