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Food: Biscuit's Birthday Bakes

So yesterday was my birthday (in case you didn't quite catch it on all my social's...) and it's a rule in my work that on your birthday you bring in treats to work.

Musings: Where to find recipe inspiration

Where to find recipe inspiration

I mentioned in my previous post that I often find myself in little food ruts and thought it might be useful if I share where I go when looking for some inspiration.

Food: Breakfast Bake

Fatty Wants a Biscuit Breakfast Bake

I've often found that breakfast is one of the biggest ruts I find myself in, especially when trying to lose weight. (The joys of weight loss eh?)

Musings: The Things We Think Don't Matter But Do When Losing Weight

Losing Weight Help

When we first start try to lose weight we can be extremely particular about exactly what we're eating. Like, ridiculously, painfully, not living our lives so. 

Musings: Confessions of a fatty

Confessions of a fatty

Hi, my name's Laura and I'm a fatty. (This is where you all reply saying 'Hi Laura' FYI)

Food: Kind of like a Korma Curry

 Kind of like a Korma Curry
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A little nugget of information I may not have shared before is the fact I love a good Korma curry. (Ground breaking bit of information there, I know...)

Musings: You know you've been trying to lose weight for too long when

You know you've been trying to lose weight for too long when

For many of us, it can feel like we've been dieting our whole lives. Whether that's losing weight, maintaining weight, or even whilst we're gaining weight. It's always watching you, much like Roz in Monsters Inc

Musings: Making the move to Slimming World

Moving to Slimming World

In true Biscuit fashion I thought it was only fair to write you all a little blog post to explain my move to 'the dark side' (Slimming World).