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Food: Kind of like a Korma Curry

 Kind of like a Korma Curry
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A little nugget of information I may not have shared before is the fact I love a good Korma curry. (Ground breaking bit of information there, I know...)

The sweet, creamy, nutty texture is just the one for me. (Except when they try to put raisins in it, ain't nobody got time for raisins in curry man.)

I'll gladly eat a takeaway Korma with a big old naan, a good old spoonful (shovelful...) of rice and if I'm feeling fancy the odd onion bhaji to dunk in it too.

(I get really irated when people are like do you want rice or a naan. This isn't an 'or' question, it's a bloody 'and' question peabrain!)

Oh god I'm drooling already.

However, I'm sure you're all more than aware of the fact that a Korma is probably one of the worst things you can order from an Indian. Like, ever.

So, I've had to get a bit inventive, because, don't get me wrong, I love a good home made curry, sometimes I just want to eat a korma without the side of guilt it's now served with.

Therefore, I present to you, the kind of like a Korma curry recipe.

It's not really ground breaking, but my god is it tasty. Shout out as well to Mr Biscuit's dad whose recipe I've adapted.

Now, I made this when I was calorie counting and worked it out as around 332 calories (I'm guessing a little here 'cause I had to delete my app to make space for more dog photos on my phone, sorry not sorry!) I don't know WW points either, but I do know all you'd need to do is count the points for the coconut milk on No Count, and can tell you it is a whopping 9syns on Slimming World, but that can be easily reduced if you're smarter than I am and use light coconut milk instead of the full fat one.

Also, use some of you HEXB allowance and top it with some flaked almonds (or get fancy and throw some peanuts or cashews in if you're extra fancy). I promise, you'll thank me.

Or, you could use your HEXB on some bread mix and make yourself a fancy naan, cook some rice and have a dabble at some syn free onion bhajis (if anyone has a fave recipe for these, send them my way pretty please?)

So yeah, tuck in, enjoy!

Serves 4

2x large onions
2x tins of chopped tomatoes
2x tins of coconut milk
As much curry powder as you like
A pack of skinless, boneless, chicken thighs (can you breast, but thigh is better)
A punnet of mushrooms, chopped

1. Chop your onions into large chunks then fry with FryLight until translucent.

2. Add your curry powder to your onions and cook for a couple of minutes.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes and coconut milk and leave to simmer for around 5 minutes.

4. Blend all the contents together so you're left with a pure sauce.

5. Add chicken breasts and cover for half an hour.

6. Remove the lid and add the mushrooms to the pan.

7. Continue to cook until the mushrooms are soft and the liquid has reduced.