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Food: Biscuit's Birthday Bakes

So yesterday was my birthday (in case you didn't quite catch it on all my social's...) and it's a rule in my work that on your birthday you bring in treats to work.

Now, due to the fact I love a good bake, yet don't do it very often ('cause when I do I eat it all then get fat, sigh...) I decided that I'd treat myself, and my workmates obvs, by baking treats to take in, rather than buying all of Asda's bakery aisle.

However I did spend the night before with mini heart palpitations that they'd all taste crap and no one would like them. My brain is a right treat to me at times. And I'm kind of hoping no one is off ill today due to food poisoning. 

And whilst I know this is a weight loss blog, I still thought it would be interesting for you all to know what I made, as I tell you what, they were pretty tasty.

First up is these Peanut Butter Squares:

I pretty much made them exactly the same as the recipe, however 'cause I'm an idiot I forgot to buy Digestives so used a mixture of shortbread and NICE biscuits, and I also used a whole jar of peanut butter, 'cause YOLO.

Then there is this Easter Egg Cake that I made into cupcakes:

Once I told my manager I was planning on making birthday treats she put in a request for this guy. The only reason I didn't make it into a cake is because people tend to not eat cakes at work...

After that I decided to make my fave Vivanna Does Makeup Cookies:

I've made these countless times and this time was just as good as the previous. I also tried to make some plain white chocolate ones, but it didn't work out too well.

Then finally I experimented a little and made some Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes!

I did have the whole recipe typed up on how to make these, but lol awks they didn't work out and were the richest, most headache inducing thing ever.

So yeah, work in progress.

But you should defo give the others a try!