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Musings: Making the move to Slimming World

Moving to Slimming World

In true Biscuit fashion I thought it was only fair to write you all a little blog post to explain my move to 'the dark side' (Slimming World).

I'm sure most of you only read this blog because I babble about it on my Instagram and Twitter, but if you don't follow me on there then you may not know that on Monday I took the plunge and joined a Slimming World class.

I know, I know, I'd only recently given My Fitness Pal/Calorie Counting a go, but after a weekend of 'oh crap, I really have gained weight'  moments when trying to find clothes to wear, and weeks of just eating crap because my head wasn't in the game, I knew I needed to do something different.

I knew I needed to go to a group, and I knew I still needed something that wasn't Weight Watchers.

Slimming World felt like the obvious solution, and at this point is one of the few things I'd never tried.

I wanted a group to go to, but my old WW group didn't really do it for me. I loved my leader (and feel guilty for quitting on her) but the groups never did it for me. 

When I first started nearly two years ago now, I was attending a really big group and had a fab leader and I always left feeling motivated and with the determination to do everyone (including myself) proud!

I think Slimming World is the closet thing to my old Filling and Healthy plan, as I can eat the majority of foods unmeasured, and still fit in the odd treat when I want to. (I just have to comprise on the amount of Warbutons Thins I was eating, sob!)

It's quite hard for me to write this post without comparing SW to WW, and that's not what I want this post to be about.

I want this post to just be an FYI and to keep you updated with my journey (and continue to give me something to look back on.) However at some point in the future I may write a post about the similarities and differences between the plans. 

I'm fully aware that no plan will work if I don't follow it, I'm not silly and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with WW or calorie counting. I'm just saying, that for me, right now, I needed a head shake and something new.

I'm happy to be going to back to not having to weigh my meals, to eat freely and be sensible with my treats.

I know that I need to have some control, that I need a structure to follow and need a group to be accountable for. 

Of course I'll be keeping you updated, and hopefully I'll finally get back to losing weight again and start being a bit more inspiring than I have been of late...

Well, here's hoping at least!

Thanks, as always, for sticking with me!