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Musings: Ten Christmas Gift Ideas for People Trying to Lose Weight

Christmas, my most favourite time of year! I mean, did you see my Christmas jumper pictures from last year?

One thing that Christmas can always guarantee is food! Which is great, except for when you're trying to lose weight...

Food: Chilli Chicken Recipe

I've made it no secret that I love me a good Buzzfeed 'Tasty' video, and this one caught my attention in the week.

So of course, I had to make it. And it was ah-mazing. So amazing, I'm sharing it with you whilst it's still digesting.

Chilli Chicken Recipe

Musings: Looking for the lightbulb

For anyone trying to lose weight, I would almost put money on the fact that there was one instant that made them decide, enough is enough, something has to change.

Looking for the lightbulb

Food: Three Meals for your Slow Cooker

Things have been a little hectic for this fatty the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of blog posts, but today I finally  found a few minutes to get a little post up, because it's something that really helped me out a couple of weeks ago, and ya know, I love trying to be helpful.

So yeah, a couple of weeks ago, I went on holiday with my family for a few day, but I came back on the Tuesday, whilst they stayed on until the Friday (sob.)

Three Meals for your Slow Cooker

Food: Pizza Chicken Pasta Bake

Alas, I have a new recipe to share with you today, and I'm pretty bloomin' excited about it if I'm honest.

And, as the lovely Sara says, you can always tell when I'm in the zone if I'm making new recipes. *insert arm flex muscle emoji and sassy girl emoji here*

Pizza Chicken Pasta Bake

Musings: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

Today I’m sharing with you a post that may offend some because it contains the ‘C’ word.

No, not that ‘C’ word, because I physically cannot say that word. No really, it gets stuck in my throat and I just can’t bring myself to utter it.

No, the ‘C’ word I’m giving light to on this fine Octobery day, is Christmas.

The Ultimate Guide of Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

Musings: The lies we tell ourselves when trying to lose weight

Us weight loss peeps are pretty good at many things, though in my case that doesn't involve actual weight loss. Awks.

But one of the things we're exceptionally good at is telling ourselves some little porkies, that, in the end, begin to affect our weight loss.

The lies we tell ourselves when trying to lose weight

Musings: Reasons to keep a food diary when losing weight

When I’m at the top of my weight loss game, (which, lol, hasn’t been for a while) there’s one thing I always do. And that, my friends, is keep a food diary

If you were really good when you first started, you probably tracked every last crumb of food you ate diligently. And then you’d kind of forget one day, or ya know, you wouldn’t add that small piece of chocolate, or you had a really bad day and didn’t want to ruin a pretty page in your diary…

Reasons to keep a food diary when losing weight

Food: Low Carb Sausage Casserole Recipe

Last weekend I planned on having a full on cooking weekend and storing up some recipes to share on this ol' blog, because I feel recipes have been few and far between (well, aside from this post, I guess), and pretty much all of my attempts were fails.

All except this little guy! 

Low Carb Sausage Casserole Recipe

Musings: The secrets of a secret eater

If there was a 'Secret Eaters Society' there is a pretty good chance that I would be the Queen of it.

And if not the Queen, most definitely the Princess.

The secrets of a secret eater

Life: Meet Bruno

So (I start so many sentences that way and really bug myself by doing so, but I just can't think of anything else...) something kind of crazy happened at the weekend.

My parents only went and got another dog. A Flat-Coated Retriever, named Bruno.

 Flat-Coated Retriever

Musings: The Fat Fear

You know how they say inspiration comes to you in the strangest places? Well, this one came to me whilst I was eating a HobKnob flapjack walking across the Asda car park.

Standard. Both the part where I'm eating and the part where I'm at Asda, 'cause this girl loves her trips to Asda. (I mean, they sell food there, and clothes, and shoes, and OMG I need to go to Asda RN.)

Food: Six meals with Muscle Food

Last month, I was just casually going about my day when an exciting email popped into my inbox from Muscle Food.

It was someone from their team asking if I'd like to work with them, so I obviously said yuh-huh 'cause who doesn't love meat right? (obvs veggies and vegans) and within a couple of days an exciting hamper of meat turned up at my work.

Six meals with Muscle Food

Life: Five things from August

It's slowly becoming my favourite time of year. The leaves are about to change, jumpers will be coming back out (well, if you even put them away) and Christmas is coming. Not to mention the fact that I have some seriously exciting things coming up over the next couple of months too, I'm super excited.

However, with every year that passes it's noted at how quickly time is flying, how it only felt like the month was beginning yesterday and what do you know, it's time to flip the calendar over again.

Five things from August

Musings: The emotions that lead to eating

There is no doubt around the fact that I'm an emotional eater, which I guess would be ok if I wasn't so much of an emotional person, but quite frankly it's like Inside Out in my brain at all times.

(The bit where Joy and Sadness go missing and everyone fights over the controls and everything goes a bit pear shaped...)

emotions that lead to eating

Musings: 24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they've been trying to lose weight their whole life, right? RIGHT?

I mean, I'm only 24 and already getting a bit fed up of this lose/gain always feeling like a fatty malarky.

24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

Fitness: 16 Thoughts I have when looking through #Fitness

I think it's no secret that I love the ol' Instagram, and occasionally I like a good scroll through the odd hashtag or too. One of the ones that I often spiral down is #Fitness.

And boy is it a treat.

16 thoughts when looking through #Fitness

Musings: Being a self saboteur

You know that feeling when you're ten biscuits deep and starting to feel a tiny bit sick, then you start to feel guilty, but for some reason you have to carry on until the biscuits are gone? Well, that's me.

And even though my name would suggest it, it's not just biscuits I do this with, it's just any food in general.

Being a self saboteur

Musings: The pains of a person trying to lose weight

I'm sure you've all seen the inspirational image of 'losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard. Choose your hard' floating around the internet, and whilst it is true, today I want to focus on the losing weight is hard bit.

Because you know what? Losing weight is hard. It's freaking tough, and often reaching for the biscuit tin and staying overweight forever really does feel like the easiest option.

the pains of trying to lose weight

Food: My Five Current Faves

You know when you love something so much you have it as many times as you possibly can until you feel sick of it?

Musings: Stages of hunger (as told by someone who is overweight)

Hunger is probably one of the main enemies of weight loss. Along with tasty food, delicious drinks and pure laziness, of course.

Food: Mexican Rice

Soz about the mini absence from the blog guys, I managed to get a lovely virus (in July FML) and then, well, Pokemon Go was released and obvs, I need to be the very best and catch them all.

Musings: Shopping when losing vs gaining weight

As someone how has spent most of their life losing, then gaining (tbh I’ve spent most of my life gaining or maintaining at a heavy weight *sobs*) I have experienced shopping at both a lower, and higher weight.

Food: Chicken Fajita Pasta

A couple of weeks ago, I was having the usual perusal on Facebook and came across this delicious looking recipe that I just new I had to re-create and devour.

Food: Biscuit's Birthday Bakes

So yesterday was my birthday (in case you didn't quite catch it on all my social's...) and it's a rule in my work that on your birthday you bring in treats to work.

Musings: Where to find recipe inspiration

Where to find recipe inspiration

I mentioned in my previous post that I often find myself in little food ruts and thought it might be useful if I share where I go when looking for some inspiration.

Food: Breakfast Bake

Fatty Wants a Biscuit Breakfast Bake

I've often found that breakfast is one of the biggest ruts I find myself in, especially when trying to lose weight. (The joys of weight loss eh?)

Musings: The Things We Think Don't Matter But Do When Losing Weight

Losing Weight Help

When we first start try to lose weight we can be extremely particular about exactly what we're eating. Like, ridiculously, painfully, not living our lives so. 

Musings: Confessions of a fatty

Confessions of a fatty

Hi, my name's Laura and I'm a fatty. (This is where you all reply saying 'Hi Laura' FYI)

Food: Kind of like a Korma Curry

 Kind of like a Korma Curry
Add caption

A little nugget of information I may not have shared before is the fact I love a good Korma curry. (Ground breaking bit of information there, I know...)

Musings: You know you've been trying to lose weight for too long when

You know you've been trying to lose weight for too long when

For many of us, it can feel like we've been dieting our whole lives. Whether that's losing weight, maintaining weight, or even whilst we're gaining weight. It's always watching you, much like Roz in Monsters Inc

Musings: Making the move to Slimming World

Moving to Slimming World

In true Biscuit fashion I thought it was only fair to write you all a little blog post to explain my move to 'the dark side' (Slimming World).

Life: Meet Max

On the off chance you haven't seen all my Instagrams,Tweets and Snapchats (fattybiscuit), or read this blog post, you may not know that at the end of April I (well, my parents) got a little puppy.

Musings: Eight Ways to Reward Yourself that Aren’t Food

Ways to Reward Yourself that Aren’t Food
totes used that quote so I can include a picture of my pup. Not even gonna pretend I'm sorry!

I know that if I’m going to get anything done, I need an incentive to do it.

Musings: Why are we so hung up on the number in our clothes?

Weight loss and Clothes size

Weight loss is a numbers game, right? If it’s not the numbers on the scales, it’s the number of inches you’ve lost. It’s the number of calories you can burn in a workout and the number of calories/syns/points etc you can eat in the day. And it’s also about the number inside your clothes.

Fitness: What I learnt from not working out for a week

What I learnt from not working out for a week

The beady eyed amongst you may have noticed that for the whole of last week, I was a lazy Laura and did not work out once (cue gasped horror sounds).

Musings: Ten Winnie the Pooh quotes that can be used for weight loss

Winnie the Pooh Weight Loss Quotes

It is no secret that your home girl here has a thing for Winnie the Pooh, I mean have you read this post, seen my bedroom or looked at my side bar picture?

Musings: Getting your head together after a binge

Getting your head together after a binge

Sometimes we fall off plan. Sometimes it’s just a couple of biscuits that aren’t within our allowance. Sometimes it a couple of packets of biscuits, a chocolate bar, an ice cream, a takeaway and a couple of Daim Eggs that you’re shoving in your gob so fast you don’t realise you’ve left the foil on… (just me?)

Fitness: How I Drag Myself Out of Bed Each Morning to Workout

Morning Workout Motivation

I nearly left the title of this post as 'How I Drag Myself Out of Bed Each Morning' and was like lol, that sounds a lot more depressing than what actually goes on. Though, don't get me wrong, it is pretty depressing when your alarm is going off at 6am because you need to work out and really you could have an extra hour in bed snoozing and dreaming of eating food whilst still looking as hot as Jenifer Lawrence....

Musings: Trying Something New

Writing this post is leaving me all finger tied and ‘eugh’-y ‘cause although in the grand scheme of things going on in the world, this is so inconsequential. But, in my little biscuit world, it’s kind of a big deal.

Food: Five Top Tips for Meal Planning

top meal planning tips

If you follow me on the old socials you may have seen that I’m a bit of a planner and love a good bit of meal planning.

Musings: Why is it not ok to love the skin you're in?

Often I have a blog post planned for about a week in advance, ‘cause I’m a planner and more often than not I’ll have a flood of blog post ideas come at me all at once, and then some weeks with absolutely no inspiration at all.

Food: Five Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Five Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

I am the cliche person that goes to bed excited to eat breakfast the next morning #sorrynotsorry 

Musings: Nine Small Changes You Can Make to Help You Lose Weight

Nine Small Changes You Can Make to Help You Lose Weight

This post is basically inspired by the back of an Aussie bottle I was reading whilst in the shower (soz for the awks visual) and is aimed at people who are a bit daunted at making that whole ‘lifestyle’ change and have no clue where to start.

Life: 10 Amazing Ways to Use Up Your Easter Chocolate

10 Amazing Ways to Use Up Your Easter Chocolate

Now you may be thinking, what on Earth is a post like this doing on a blog like this? (A blog that was created with documenting weight loss in mind, in case you were wondering…)

Food: Biscuit's One Pot Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

Soz 'bout the self-indulgent title of this blog post, but I wanted to call it something better I thought as there are so many Sweet Potato Casserole recipes out there, I should differentiate mine somehow.

Fitness: My Current Workout Routine

Fatty Wants a Biscuit - Morning Workouts

Lol to me trying to be all posery and stuff trying to get a picture for this blog post. 

Life: My 'Be Nice to Yourself' Routine

Every now and again I feel the need to 'treat myself' (which basically happens every day because y'know, getting out of bed deserves to be celebrated). However more often than not my bank account has already been depleted through previous treating myself expeditions, so I have had to resort to other means for putting a smile on my face when negative Nancy rears her ugly head.

Food: Pulled Pork Mexican Lasagne

Pulled Pork Mexican Lasagne
This here recipe is the delicious child of two other recipes that are on my blog that I decided to combine and see what would happen. Spoiler alert: delciousness happened.