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Musings: Nine Small Changes You Can Make to Help You Lose Weight

Nine Small Changes You Can Make to Help You Lose Weight

This post is basically inspired by the back of an Aussie bottle I was reading whilst in the shower (soz for the awks visual) and is aimed at people who are a bit daunted at making that whole ‘lifestyle’ change and have no clue where to start.

It’s also a little reminder to me that I don’t have to be doing everything all at once and that I need to stop beating myself when I’m not being ST. Weight Watcher 24/7 ‘cause I’ve come a long way and need to actually live my life too; right?

So yeah, here are my thoughts on the nine little changes you can make to help you to lose weight. 

Although, it’s not rocket science really, however it is nice to remind yourself every now and again.

Move things out of reach

Tempted by the treat tin every night/ hour of the? Picking at little pieces whilst you’re cooking dinner? Move these items out of the way a little. Last year I moved a load of my treat stuff into a box on top of my parent’s wardrobe and do you know what? After a while I kind of forgot they existed. Whilst it may sound a bit drastic, having things out the way can make them seem less tempting, but it’s better than ridding your house of them completely. I find if I have absolutely nothing in the house and cravings take over, that’s when the problems arise, so keeping your treats, but making them harder to grab is a win/win situation.

Swap a meal

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of eating the same meals day in and day out, and that’s where boredom sets in and Pizza Hut or the local curry house gets a phone call and what do you know, half an hour later you’re in a food coma with the button of your trousers undone rolling yourself to bed that night. Each week, take the time to flip through a recipe magazine, spend some time on Pinterest or dig out an old cook book. Find a recipe that excites you that you’ve never tried before and get your cook on. You never know, you might find a new favourite, or at the least you’re not having the same meal again. After all, if you always eat what you’ve always ate, you’ll always weigh what you’ve always weighed, right? (I feel my grammar in the sentence is appalling, but you get the idea, right?) *cough* you could try a recipe from your favourite blogger… winky face!

Get up ten minutes earlier

Are you one of those people constantly looking for more time in the day to get things done? Whether that’s to exercise, tidy a space in the house, get dinner cooked, here’s your chance. Whilst ten minutes may not seem that much, you can actually achieve a lot in that time. Plus it’s much easier to set your alarm for ten minutes earlier, than it is to promise yourself that you’re going to get up an hour earlier to fit in that amazing workout – which let’s face it never happens and you end up feeling guilty. Yes I am a morning person, but I honestly believe that everyone can make getting up ten minutes earlier a possibility. Just think of what you can do with that extra time in the day. You can prep your dinner for the evening, you can have time to eat a proper breakfast, you can go on a little walk. The world is your oyster baby.

Move more

We all know that exercise is part and parcel of this whole weight loss malarkey, but for many it can seem daunting and kind of hard to get into. So, instead of signing up for the gym, going once and then seeing £30 go out of your bank every single month and having a little sob, start by perhaps going for a walk around the block before/after work? Or maybe park your car further away than you need to, take things upstairs one by one, look at quick ten minute workouts on YouTube. Just do a little more than you did before. Don’t go out having never run and try to run a marathon, take baby steps.

Plan your meals

Going back to one of my previous points about trying a new meal, a great way to help you decide when to have that meal is to plan it in. Having your meals planned for the week allows you to see what you can eat, and when you’re going to eat it. It stops the ‘oh what should I have for tea tonight, let’s order a takeaway’ chat you have with yourself and also puts you in control. It’s much easier to avoid eating food you shouldn’t when you have a plan and know about all the great stuff you will be eating. I bought a cute meal planner from KiKKi.K however you could easily make yourself up one on word and print it out and make it all personalised and shiz, but whatever you do, having a plan makes things a lot easier. As Daddy Biscuit always say, ‘Preparation prevents poor performance!’

Celebrate the little things

A lot of people feel like they have a long way to go when they first start trying to lose weight, and often that can be the thing that puts you off working toward something, because you see how far you have to go, rather than how far you’ve actually come. So every time something happens, no matter how small, celebrate it. Passed up on a free chocolate bar? Celebrate! Done an extra 1,000 steps today? You go girlfriend! Noticed your jeans are a little looser? All the high fives for you my friend! You should be doing this whether you’ve just started or you’ve already lost five stone. It’s always good to celebrate, and of course, treat yourself.

Set goals 

Your end goal may be to lose ten stone, but that’s not going to happen in the next ten days, or even ten months realistically. So instead of having that as your only goal, set yourself some small ones that will get you through the weeks and months leading up to that. For example, perhaps you have a pair of jeans you want to fit into, or maybe you’d like to be able to run 5K over the next month. Or maybe you just want to give up chocolate for a week. Why not set yourself a mini goal for this week and then give yourself a little (non-food related) treat.

Drink more water

Everyone should be drinking plenty of water, we all know that (I’ve actually been told I drink too much, but that’s a different story really) so why not try adding an extra glass to your daily routine. Once you’re happy with that, add another glass, and so on and so forth until you hit the recommend intake for your height/weight.

Break one bad habit at a time

Trying to stop eating chocolate, drinking alcohol and giving up the fags all in one go, probably isn’t going to work for everyone – if anyone. But, giving up one bad habit at a time can help you break them once and for all. Just like with the small goals, break down you bad habit and see if you can give it up slowly, rather than all at once – it will make it seem more achievable. Why not try swapping your coffee for herbal tea, or just drinking one cup less a day?

So these are some of my thoughts on the small changes you can make to help you lose weight. I’d love to hear your thoughts.