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Life: 10 Amazing Ways to Use Up Your Easter Chocolate

10 Amazing Ways to Use Up Your Easter Chocolate

Now you may be thinking, what on Earth is a post like this doing on a blog like this? (A blog that was created with documenting weight loss in mind, in case you were wondering…)

Well, hear me out.

How many of you still have Easter Eggs left? Sitting, taunting you, begging you to forget the diet and swallow them whole?

Everyone else’s Easter Eggs talk to them, right?

Back to the post… it’s a lot easier to ignore said Easter Eggs if they’re no longer around. However, I’m not suggesting you give up on all your hard work and nose dive head first until you come up looking like Bruce Bogtrotter. 

No. I’m going to suggest different ways you can turn your Easter Eggs into wondrous baked goods that you can give to others so they can give eat the eggs instead.

Because if you’re not getting any slimmer, you may as well make your friends fatter. Right?

So here it is, ten different recipes that can help you remove the temptation from your home once and for all. Just, you know, don’t eat most of the mixtures whilst you’re making it ‘cause it kind of defeats the purpose (I should listen to myself sometimes). Unless you’re here because you want to eat them, then cool, go forth and conquer. You do you and all that.

Also, before I start, I feel I need to preface by saying, some of these I’ve made myself and can say, yup, they’re fab, others I haven’t tried so please don’t blame me if they taste a bit rubbish. ‘K?

1.  Let’s get the obvious one out the way first shall we? EASTER NESTS. Whether you make them with the traditional Shredded Wheat or go for more ‘out there’ Rice Crispi’s, it’s a no brainer that they were both made for melted chocolate. I presumed no one needs a recipe for this, right? If you do though, tweet me.

2.  Chocolate Doughnuts - I did this at Christmas when I had the massive bar of chocolate from Mr Biscuit as coinsidently Brother Biscuit got a doughnut maker for Christmas. I just used the random recipe Mommy Biscuit found online, made the doughnuts in the maker and then dunked them in the melted chocolate. YUM YUM.

3. Kerry Cooks Crème Egg Chocolate Fudge - I made this on Easter weekend and oh my goodness was it good. It was also super simple to make, and it was so rich you could only eat a few bits at a time. I did give most of it away too, and everyone else really enjoyed it. Thumbs up all round there. I also decided to top mine with some crushed mini eggs, so really, the world is your oyster. 

4.Vivianna Does MakeUp Cookies - I used to make these cookies all the time. Like about once a week. They are amazing. Replace the bars of chocolates she tells you to use and use some broken Easter Egg instead. Simples...

5.Cook Bake Eat Crème Egg Brownies - An Easter bake round up wouldn't be complete without a Creme Egg Brownie, right? 

6. Ren Behan Food  Easter Rocky Road - Oh my, I'm drooling just slighty reading this. 

7. Taming Twins Malteaser Brownies - So these have ME written all over them. 

8. AO Life Easter Chocolate Chicks - Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen? All the heart eyed emoj! I may have made two batches of these and really under cooked one and then slightly undercooked the other. They were both super tasty though! 

9. From Brazil to You Easter Chocolate Cake - This basically looks like the Easter cake of all Easter cakes.

10. Baker by Nautre Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake - Just in case you kinda wanna pretend to be healthy and be all 'but there's no flour in this'...

Do let me know if you make any of these recipes and tell me how they go!