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Life: Five things from August

It's slowly becoming my favourite time of year. The leaves are about to change, jumpers will be coming back out (well, if you even put them away) and Christmas is coming. Not to mention the fact that I have some seriously exciting things coming up over the next couple of months too, I'm super excited.

However, with every year that passes it's noted at how quickly time is flying, how it only felt like the month was beginning yesterday and what do you know, it's time to flip the calendar over again.

Five things from August

Musings: The emotions that lead to eating

There is no doubt around the fact that I'm an emotional eater, which I guess would be ok if I wasn't so much of an emotional person, but quite frankly it's like Inside Out in my brain at all times.

(The bit where Joy and Sadness go missing and everyone fights over the controls and everything goes a bit pear shaped...)

emotions that lead to eating

Musings: 24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they've been trying to lose weight their whole life, right? RIGHT?

I mean, I'm only 24 and already getting a bit fed up of this lose/gain always feeling like a fatty malarky.

24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

Fitness: 16 Thoughts I have when looking through #Fitness

I think it's no secret that I love the ol' Instagram, and occasionally I like a good scroll through the odd hashtag or too. One of the ones that I often spiral down is #Fitness.

And boy is it a treat.

16 thoughts when looking through #Fitness

Musings: Being a self saboteur

You know that feeling when you're ten biscuits deep and starting to feel a tiny bit sick, then you start to feel guilty, but for some reason you have to carry on until the biscuits are gone? Well, that's me.

And even though my name would suggest it, it's not just biscuits I do this with, it's just any food in general.

Being a self saboteur

Musings: The pains of a person trying to lose weight

I'm sure you've all seen the inspirational image of 'losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard. Choose your hard' floating around the internet, and whilst it is true, today I want to focus on the losing weight is hard bit.

Because you know what? Losing weight is hard. It's freaking tough, and often reaching for the biscuit tin and staying overweight forever really does feel like the easiest option.

the pains of trying to lose weight

Food: My Five Current Faves

You know when you love something so much you have it as many times as you possibly can until you feel sick of it?

Musings: Stages of hunger (as told by someone who is overweight)

Hunger is probably one of the main enemies of weight loss. Along with tasty food, delicious drinks and pure laziness, of course.