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Musings: Stages of hunger (as told by someone who is overweight)

Hunger is probably one of the main enemies of weight loss. Along with tasty food, delicious drinks and pure laziness, of course.
I for one, do not cope well with being hungry.

I’m sure no-one really does, but I get extremely hangry when I’m hungry. Imagine a bratty two year old. Yup, that would be me. 

Mr Biscuit and I have a rating system from how hungry we are, ranging from a mere ‘rubmly in the tubmly’ to full blow hangry for me and hanxious for him (anxious/hungry).

It’s a nice system, it stops us from having too many arguments and insures we’re both fed to the right degree. ‘Cause we all know a full tummy equals a happy relationship. 

This little system then gave me a kind of 'light bulb' moment, if you could call it that, for a blog post idea. And, well, here we are!

The stages of hunger (as told by someone who is overweight).

(I couldn't not include a Pooh gif in this post, I mean come on!)

1. To begin with you could just have a little nibble on something, 'cause let's face it, we're always just a little bit hungry, right?

2. Then you just fancy a little smackerel, nothing too big, but you  know, just something to take the sting of hunger away.

3. You wonder if there is something that's on plan for you to chow down on to keep yourself going? ('cause at this stage you're not quiet willing to break your current diet (sorry, lifestyle) plan.)

4. At this point you start considering moving your days meal plans around, seeing what you can fit in now, 'cause omg a hole is forming in your stomach and you must eat soon before starvation. 

5. Now, you're starting to think who the eff cares about whatever plan you're following, you need food and you need it now and preferably it will contain every bad food under the sun.

6. You're now too busy thinking about food that the mere sound of someone breathing is making you want to attack them, but then you remember they could buy you food or bring you food or make you food. So you spare them, for now. (Plus, you may need to actually eat them if it came down to it.)

7. You start to imagine all the different food you're going to eat. Which is stupid as it just makes you more hungry. 

8. At this stage you're so hungry you'd eat anything, even something healthy, just to actually eat something. 

9. By now, the anticipation of eating is so high, you feel like you might explode from hunger. You watch the timer on the oven, microwave or wherever your food is coming from. You grab something, anything, you can find nearby and shove it down your gob without a second thought, but that just opens the gateway for more hunger and you know you need to eat, and you need to eat NOW.

Then the food comes!

10. You've now eaten so much food that you feel like you could actually be sick. You unbutton your trousers (or remove them for something with more stretch), you lie on the floor groaning about how you'll never eat that much again and could cry from pain.

Then someone mentions dessert, and you think, 'oh, go on then.'

And the cycle starts again.