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Musings: Four things to focus on that aren't the scales when losing weight

Weight loss is so often geared around the number that is presented to us on the scales.

It's what we work towards every week, it's what affects our mood, it's what we base our aims on, and, to be honest, it's a load of codswallop really.

I've written before (countless times, here, here) about trying not to let the scales affect me so much, but I was struck again this morning, after a fair few days on plan, at what a load of rubbish scales are, and felt compelled to write something again.

So, soz if I'm boring you, but also, this is something that's important and something that deserves repeating.

Am I right? (That's meant to be empowering, not 'give me confidence please... just FYI.)

With all this in mind, I present to you, ten things for you to focus on, that aren't the scales, when trying to lose weight.

1. How your clothes fit

How many times have you gotten on the scales and felt gutted because you're clothes felt so much looser, so you thought you were in for a great loss, yet you actually gained? One of my fave kind of transformation pictures are the ones where people look genuinely smaller at a heavier weight, because it just proves, you can be smaller (which surely is the end goal?) and be heavier on the scales.

2. Your fitness levels increasing

Whether you're working out whilst trying to lose weight or not, the smaller you get, the more your fitness levels will increase. Purely from the fact that there's less pressure on your body because there's less fat. So yeah, high fives for now wheezing when we walk up the stairs (or less, I guess).

3.   The increasing confidence levels

It can't just be me who feels that little bit more sassy when they know they've stuck to plan for a while right? After two days on track I often feel so much better in myself, and so much more confident. I don't really know why, it's so psychological, but it's like something in my head is saying 'girl, you got this, now go forth and be awesome.'

4. How you feel

I've left this to last because I feel it's the most important, and it's what spurred me to write this post. For me, when I'm on plan (a plan that I enjoy and doesn't restrict me) I feel so much better in myself. I know I'm doing well, I know I'm being healthy, and surely that is worth so much more than a stupid number on a silly box on the floor that lives in a cupboard under the stairs?

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you focus on when the scale is being a cotton headed ninnie muggins.