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Food: My Five Current Faves

You know when you love something so much you have it as many times as you possibly can until you feel sick of it?

Yeah, that's going on with me at the moment.

I haven't really had chance to make any new foods for a while, and it's mainly because I'm LOVING certain meals so much I'm just having them over and over again.

Like honestly, I just love them so much it's all I want to eat.

Plus, most of them are easily made in bulk so it's so simple to just re-heat and gobble down in a flash.

Now, 'cause I'm a nice person, I thought I'd share them with you so you can enjoy them too.

1. Breakfast Bake

I don't think I've had anything else for breakfast in the past few weeks. minus weekends and the time I accidently got pulled pork out of the freezer instead of this bad boy (I wouldn't mind, but I post it note all my containers as well...). You can find the recipe for said bake here, and the main reason I love it is because I can whip it up at the weekend, throw it in the freezer, defrost it overnight then shove it in the microwave in the morning. Anything that gives me more time in the morning for Pokemon hunting and sleeping, obvs, is a winner in my book.

2. Chicken Fajita Pasta

I mean. does the title itself not make you drool ever so slightly? I mean, you'll have to like chicken, fajitas and pasta to enjoy this kind of, but oh man, this is my meal of the moment. I think I would eat it everyday if I could. I'm already thinking of different ways I can eat this bad boy, you know, just to keep it interesting. Recipe can be found here. 

3. Chicken Fajita and Mexican Rice

Can you see a pattern emerging? I'm not even sorry to be honest. So, I've been making big batches of my Mexican Rice (recipe here) and having it with fajita chicken (spice mix made from my Chicken Fajita Pasta, cooked with onions, peppers etc) and when I'm feeling extra fancy, I top it with halloumi. I know, I'm wild!

4. Frozen Milkybar Mousse

A while back I asked on Twitter for some 'sweet treat' recommendations, and one of the suggestions came from the lovely Claire who told me to try freezing a Milkybar Mousse, and oh boy was that a good shout! They're 4.5 syns a pot and make the perfect decadent treat for the evening. I mean, I'm getting through a fair few pots, and can't see myself stopping anytime soon. Thanks Claire. Also, make sure you buy the mousse, not the creamy pot 'cause that little guy is mighty high in the ol' syns.

5. A Graze Box

After seeing Millie post about her Graze treats again, and again, and again on Instagram, I decided it was high time I bit the bullet and ordered myself a box, and I honestly get excited for a Tuesday morning 'cause I know that's when my box will arrive! I went for the normal box and haven't had a treat that's been over 13 syns. The box comes with nutritional info so I just pop that into the syns calculator to find out how much each pot is. The Sticky Toffee Pudding is defo my fave and it's only 7 syns and tastes so indulgent. All the heart-eyed emojis for that guy.

Cheeky plug, but if you want to give a Graze box a go you can use my code TNQMJV67P which will give you your 1st. 5th and 10th box free, and also get me a pound off one of my future boxes.

Please, point me in the direction of your favourite meals. as I'm always looking for new favourites!