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Musings: The pains of a person trying to lose weight

I'm sure you've all seen the inspirational image of 'losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard. Choose your hard' floating around the internet, and whilst it is true, today I want to focus on the losing weight is hard bit.

Because you know what? Losing weight is hard. It's freaking tough, and often reaching for the biscuit tin and staying overweight forever really does feel like the easiest option.

the pains of trying to lose weight

I know it's not, but biscuits do weird things to your mind...

And I know I'm not alone in thinking this. I know a lot of people also feel like they've been dieting for too long, which makes some of these points even more painful.

Sometimes life is just really unfair, right? And FFS, when can someone create chocolate and biscuits that help you lose weight?!?

- Having to watch other people, usually ones who look like supermodels, eat whatever the hell they want, usually extremely dirty burgers, whilst you cry into your salad.

- Having a wardrobe that never fits because everything is either too big or too small, and god damn it why doesn't it look the same on you as it does the catwalk model on ASOS?

- Drinking water like it's going out of fashion, 'cause health, but having to keep yourself in close proximity to a toilet 'cause bladder.

- Having to take part in the dreaded task of washing up your Tupperware. Every. Single. Night.

- Getting scales anxiety over the thought of what the evil demonic device is going to tell you that week.

-  That feeling when dinner is over and all your daily food allowance is gone and breakfast feels like a lifetime away.

- Trying to get back on plan after a treat and realising just how nice food that makes us fat is and why is life so unfair?

- Having to constantly defend your decision to try and lose weight.

- Needing to perfect the 'no I haven't lost any weight after months' smile for when people ask how you're doing.

- Having to turn down treats that others bring into the office, or worse YOUR HOME, every single freakin' day. Yes, I do want a cookie and a doughnut, but no I'm not going to eat them.

- When your friend chooses the restaurant and OMG there is nothing even remotely weight loss friendly.

- Needing to constantly go and buy food because healthy equals fresh and fresh equals needing to be bought every other day.