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Life: Five things from August

It's slowly becoming my favourite time of year. The leaves are about to change, jumpers will be coming back out (well, if you even put them away) and Christmas is coming. Not to mention the fact that I have some seriously exciting things coming up over the next couple of months too, I'm super excited.

However, with every year that passes it's noted at how quickly time is flying, how it only felt like the month was beginning yesterday and what do you know, it's time to flip the calendar over again.

Five things from August

With all of this it's easy to focus on the 'how well have I done weight loss wise' each month, and ok, another month to try to lose weight again. However, it's also easy to forget all the little things that happen within the month, the tiny memories that often get forgotten to make room for the bigger picture.

So,with that in mind, I've decided to jump on the end-of-the-month round-up posts that are big with so many bloggers, and each month share with you five things I've either enjoyed, or just want to share but have no other way to do so.

Here's August.

1) The kindness of Carmel

Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum

At the start of the month the Disney Store released their Beauty and The Beast Tsum Tsums, and as a lover of a Tsum Tsum, I really wanted one, however they'd manage to sell out by the time I got to my desk at work. I mentioned my upset on Twitter, and the lovely Carmel replied to me, telling me that she'd have a look in her local store for me, and low and behold she found some and then very kindly sent them to me. Not only did she go to that effort, she insisted it was a gift to me, and accompanied them with  most heart-warming card I've ever received. Her kindness, generosity and touching words have stuck with me all month. So again, Carmel, thank you.

2) Reading


I'm trying my best to leave my phone alone for little bits of time, especially at night. This means that instead of scrolling through Instagram till my eyes can't take it anymore, I read a few chapters of a book, and I'm really enjoying it. Although, I really struggle not to read 'one more chapter'. This month I've finished 'All About The Hype', 'Famous in Love' and I'm currently still re-reading 'Midnight Girls'.

3) Fairylights

Fairy Lights

There's no denying that Christmas is my favourite time of year. I had a horrible moment the other day where I realised I needed to get my act together weight loss wise if I'm able to get back in my Christmas Jumpers this year. But, anyway, something that's been giving me the warm Christmassy feeling, is my fairylights. I've recently bought a couple of new sets from Asda, and when it's been a miserable evening I've been turning them on and it honestly makes me so happy.

4) Family Time

A photo posted by Laura (@fattywantsabiscuit) on

There's no denying I'm a big family girl, and this month was my final month with my nan and grandad before they got on their flight back to New Zealand. Although I'm absolutely gutted that they have left, I'm thankful for being able to create new memories with them, including a family away trip to Wales. I'm also thankful to Wales for not raining on us, and can you actually believe that I returned with sunburn?

5) 7up and Lime

Five things from August

Yeah, so this is random, but it's something I've been loving this month. I've mentioned before about how I used to be addicted to Pepsi Max, but managed to kick my addiction and now I don't even like it anymore. Well, sometimes I just want a cold glass of something fizzy, and this has really been hitting the spot. Also, 7up is so much better than Sprite, just saying. And of course I only drink the free version, I'm not an animal.

What would be your five things from August?


  1. Loved reading this - am rather jealous of your beautiful lumier! My 5 things for August would be -
    1. Fitting comfortably in tops and pjs from primark. Something that's felt a long way away when I started SW last August.
    2. Having family and friends time too- school holidays have meant full time with both my two monkeys and getting time with friends and family which doesn't happen as easy during term time.
    3. My hubby has changed his job role- spent a year on just working nights to now back on days.. Lots of change but all for the better hopefully giving us one day a week now where we have the four of us together.
    4. I became godmother to my good friends little boy.
    5. I've had quite a few people asking me for cakes over this past month- which I love. It's a hobby, and something have done more of since having my little ones - makes me feel happy that people like what I do and ask for more! Cinderella, red London buses, gruffalo all some of the past months cakes!

    1. Aw, thanks Louise!

      Your cakes sound amazing and so glad you've had a lovely summer holiday with your little ones :)

    2. Aw, thanks Louise!

      Your cakes sound amazing and so glad you've had a lovely summer holiday with your little ones :)

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