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Disclaimer |

For some reason, people actually like my babble, read my blog and follow me on the socials. Because of that, I'm occasionally lucky enough to be sent things for free to review, either here on my blog or over on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. And I mean, who wants to say no to free things!

However, before I say yes to a product I always consider whether it would be something I'd purchase with my own money, and whether it is something I would genuinely consider promoting to the people that follow me.

If I do say yes, and once it arrives I like it/think it's something of interest, I'll always make sure I state that it has been gifted to me. No exceptions!

So, if you're a brand and want to get in touch, please do so ( as I'm always open to trying new things, however please keep in mind:

- I will always state that a product was gifted.
- I will only use no-follow links when linking to a product/website, as this is a rule enforced by Google and could end up blacklisting us both if not adhered to.
- I have the right to not mention a product if it arrives and do not think it's as great as it first appeared.
- I will only send an item back if postage is paid for.
- I do not accept pre-written content as I like everything to be written in my own tone of voice.

If you're a reader, I promise that:

- You will always know when something has been gifted to me.
- I will only give you my honest opinion.
- I will not mention something just for the sake of it

Any questions, about any of this, please just get in touch and I'd be more than happy to discuss it further with you!