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Measuring Progress: A Year On

1 year 62lbs

I haven't done a measuring progress post in ages as I just haven't felt like my body is changing and with the scales staying the same I just wasn't feeling it, which is so Stupid (with a capital S) 'cause that's probably the best time I should've done it.

Musings: Ten things you shouldn't say to someone losing weight

Ten things you shouldn't say

If you're like me and trying to lose weight, or even just change something about yourself in general; you can often be met with a little resistance from people around you.

Food: Filling and Health Breakfast Stack


The other morning I created a breakfast that made me resemble the heart eyed emoji.

Food: My Filling and Healthy Birthday Cake


If you follow me on either Instagram or Twitter, then you'll probably be aware that last Monday was my birthday!