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Measuring Progress: A Year On

1 year 62lbs

I haven't done a measuring progress post in ages as I just haven't felt like my body is changing and with the scales staying the same I just wasn't feeling it, which is so Stupid (with a capital S) 'cause that's probably the best time I should've done it.

Anyway, today marks a whole year since I started Weight Watchers and began to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I thought I'd do a big measuring progress post as kind of a celebration. I apologise in advance if this gets long and is picture heavy, but I'm going to say it I'M FUDGIN' PROUD OF WHAT I'VE ACCOMPLISHED.

Right, shall I begin?
one year front

So, since the 30th July 2014, until today 30th July 2015 (well actually, 28th July 15 as I get weighed on a Tuesday) I have lost a total of 62lbs! (As a side note, I had actually gotten down to 65.5lbs loss, but I appear to have lost my way a bit. I had written this post a bit in advanced when I was really excited and happy, and I've decided to keep this post as it should be, positive, and I think I may write a post in the coming weeks about how I've been feeling lately. I was going to ramble about it in this post, but why take away from something that should be a proud post, right?)

I've got to admit, it was much easier losing it at the start. Actually, easy isn't the right word, but it came off quicker than it has the last couple of months. I reckon this is down to two things. Firstly I had a lot to lose at the start. It's not really until seeing the pictures of how big I'd actually gotten that I realised just how big I was. I didn't feel that way, in my head I've always looked how I kind of look now. So yeah, I had a lot to lose, and I had the determination to lose it, it was easier to say no to things 'cause I hated how I looked. I felt uncomfortable in clothes and knew I was unhealthy. At the start I also had new things I could always incorporate. I began by walking for 20mins on my lunch break, then moved it up to 30mins, then went for walks when I got home. Then I started running, taking everyone by surprise. After that I upped my distance. Then I added in extra workouts at home too in between running, whilst still walking.  So now I'm at a stage where it's harder to add things in, which I don't think year side

But yes, it's gotten harder to make those damn scales move, but do you know what? I've persevered. I've stuck to my guns, I haven't given in and I'm still determined to succeed. Giving in is not an option I've allowed myself this time around. I've done that twice before and ended up heavier each time.

I never would've imagined this time last year I'd now be training for a half marathon and be a size 12/14. It's crazy. Yes it's been hard work, but man has it been worth it. Right now, as I'm writing this post (at some point mid June) and looking at these pictures I really couldn't care less about that doughnut I was craving last month, or the fact I haven't been able to eat PopTarts for breakfast everyday. All the food I've said no too doesn't bother me. The fact I didn't have a Carrot Cake on my birthday this year, and the fact I didn't have any of my mom's back in May doesn't bother me either. Knowing I can now shop in any shop I want, can run without dying (although I may feel like it) can fit into seats and through small gaps, now that I care about.

Whilst I could write a load more about how awesome
I am, I mean
losing weight is (lolz) I think that pictures speak for themselves, right?




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