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Fitness: What I learnt from not working out for a week

What I learnt from not working out for a week

The beady eyed amongst you may have noticed that for the whole of last week, I was a lazy Laura and did not work out once (cue gasped horror sounds).

Most of you, however, probably didn't notice because why would you care what I was up to on a daily basis?

But anyway, last week I didn't workout once. I didn't go on a lunch time walk, I didn't walk when I got home, I just did absolutely nothing, and today I thought I'd share my little thoughts and musings on how I felt after taking a week out.

Spoiler alert, I felt pretty great.

Since January I've pretty much worked out consistently every morning bar a few weeks when I was ill. Which, you know, is pretty good for someone who used to do whatever she could do to get out of P.E (thanks Mom for having a signature that I was able to forge to write notes to get me out of PE).

*If you're wondering what kind of workouts I do, let me point you in the direction of this post.*

Whilst I obviously do it because I want a bangin' hot bod and to look hella sexay, the reason I feel I've stuck to working out so much is because it makes me feel good. I get to feel or smug and all 'when I got up for my workout this morning...' but last week, last week as I just could not be bloomin' bothered.

A lot of it had to do with the fact I was tired from a weekend away. I got up on the Monday, put my workout clothes on, took Mr Biscuit to the train station, got back, then sat down on the sofa with my mom and had a little ten minute nap instead. Lol.

I was all, it's fine I'll just work out tomorrow and miss a run out this week. Then Tuesday morning rolled round and I turned my alarm off, put another one on and went back to sleep. This was the sign to me that I needed a break and an extra half an hour in bed each day, 'cause I never fall back asleep once I'm awake.

So that was it, I gave myself a week off.

Which is kind of scary actually 'cause it's so easy for me to fall into the whole 'well I've had one week off so I may as well have another week off' then what do you know it's two months later and I look like a beached whale that needs forklifts to help it move.

However as I write this post on a Monday morning before work (ooo, cheeky behind the scenes insight for you there) I can say that I have gotten up this morning and got my workout in and plan on doing the same all week.

*Wondering how I get the motivation to workout in the morning, oh look, a blog post about it here.*

Back to the point of this post, (lol are there every any points to my posts?) what did I learn from my week off?

That's it's totally a ok to have some time off. That you need to listen to you body. Yes I could've fought through my tiredness, but that could've made me even more tired and then I would've resented working out and perhaps I would've given it up for much longer.

The world didn't implode, I didn't gain 5 stone (well, at least for not exercising) and a weeks break doesn't completely remove your fitness capabilities.

So if you're beating yourself up for not working out this morning, or going home instead of the gym tonight, remember it's ok.

You haven't ruined anything.

We work out to get healthy and fit and lead a better life, and sometimes to do that we need to relax and get some shut eye too.

The world doesn't end 'cause you don't workout. There are 365 days in the year, not working out for a few of them isn't that big a deal.