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Fitness: My Current Workout Routine

Fatty Wants a Biscuit - Morning Workouts

Lol to me trying to be all posery and stuff trying to get a picture for this blog post. 

In reality I had to wait for a man walking a Shitzu to vacate the area and rest my phone on a fence using the front facing camera and self timer on my phone. #ThatBloggerLyf

Anyway, posey photo aside, I thought I'd write a post on my current workout routine - if you could call it that.

Basically I've deiced that I wanted to write a blog post on the kind of workouts I do, when I do them and how I do them, in the hopes it may kind of inspire someone else, and give me something to reflect on in months to come.

I mean, I've already written a blog post on how I'm trying to workout more in 2016, so thought it was only fitting. 

So yeah, welcome to a blog post all about that. I do spoil you don't I?


I always try and do my workouts in the morning, mainly so I have less time to talk myself out of not doing it. I find that if I don't do it in the morning then there is a 110% chance I'm not going to do it. Soz.

I definitely think it helps that I'm a morning person. I'd much rather go to bed early (which I do, I can't tell you the last time I voluntarily saw past 10 pm) and get up early than the other way round. I don't think I've slept in past 8.30 in forever. Even when I was younger I was never one for long lie-ins. So yeah, getting up to workout doesn't really bother me that much...

Don't get me wrong, there's getting up early and spending an hour in bed scrolling through Instagram looking at pretty pictures and getting well jel of other people, and then there's waking up early to workout. It does take motivation and determination to get up, I just find it easier to do so in the morning.

I know a lot of people are put off working out in the morning 'cause they then have to get ready to for work etc. which I totally get. I found it even easier to get up and workout when I worked out from 'cause I could literally lie in for as long as possible, workout out, have a quick shower and look like a disgusting mess for the day without anyone seeing me. However now I'm still a bit of a tramp now I have to go to an office and won't wash my hair everyday after working out, as it saves time getting ready. I just blow dry any sweat and chuck some dry shampoo in there... grim but true.

You just gotta do you. I'd prefer an extra half an hour in bed than looking nice at work.

 I also aim to workout 5-6 times a week. I try to do it most days before work and then once on the weekend, but sometimes I do less, and sometimes I'll just go for long walks on the weekend instead. Although I try to push myself, I also give myself a break if I really really don't want to, as I don't want it to be that much of a chore.

Fatty Wants a Biscuit - Fitness


I tend to do a mixture of different workouts depending on my mood. 

I really enjoy the Friends Fitness programme, which I will do three days a week (as they are three day series). The main reason I like this programme is that they only last, at maximum, twenty minutes. Perfect for squeezing in in the morning. They're also 4 rounds of the same five exercise (different each time though) which means I can do the whole 'I only to have to this 3 more times...' kind of thing which is good for me. The end never feels to far away. The best thing though, is that Lewis knows whether you're doing your workouts and will keep texting you and giving you encouragement until you do it. As someone who doesn't like getting in trouble, it's the incentive I need to get my workout done.

If you're looking for something to do for free, there are a tonne of free YouTube videos that you can easily fit in. My fave channel is PopSugar Fitness. I really like Anna the main trainer and the videos range from ten - forty minutes, with a wide variety of activities. Something for everyone.

I also try and squeeze in a couple of runs, although at the moment they're the ones I'm struggling with. In the week the maximum I'm able to do is two and a half miles as I'm too slow to go any further and refuse to get up before 6 am, although I think I may have to over the summer as I have a half marathon at the end of September, but we'll see. I haven't done a proper long run since my half marathon so at the weekends I've been trying to do 5k's in the hope I'll soon be able to start building back up to longer distances.

It sucks how easily your fitness can decrease and how hard it is to build it back up again.


I think the main reason I'm so consistent with my workouts is because I don't have to leave the house. I can get up, roll out of bed, look like a tramp and just get on with my workout. I don't have to pack anything, I don't have to worry about what I might look like and I don't have to travel anywhere. Whilst I have flirted with the idea of going to the gym I just know it would be money down the drain as there are none nearby and I know I'd be able to talk myself out of going far too easily. 

And of course, I just run around my the roads near my house *thumbs up emoji*!

Fatty Wants a Biscuit - Morning Workouts

So that's pretty much it really. As you can see, I'm not really that serious or religious with my workouts, I just try to get them in because I know they do a lot to helping your shape turn out all nice and Beyonce-esque.

I'd love to hear your workout routines too!