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Life: My 'Be Nice to Yourself' Routine

Every now and again I feel the need to 'treat myself' (which basically happens every day because y'know, getting out of bed deserves to be celebrated). However more often than not my bank account has already been depleted through previous treating myself expeditions, so I have had to resort to other means for putting a smile on my face when negative Nancy rears her ugly head.

It's no secret that I've been struggling with this whole weight loss crap of late, so whilst having another wallow session I thought I'd give you a little run through of the things I do to try and pick myself up that isn't just buying new clothes or eating lots of naughty, yet delicious, food.

1) Have a bath

I'm not really a bath person. I much prefer a quick shower and to be done with it all, so if I'm having a bath, you know things are going down! The main reason I'll have a bath, and the reason it makes this list, is because when I have a bath I tend to bring a book with me, my phone, or set my iPad up with some TV show playing and just relax. I always have baths when I'm tied to a book or TV show as it means I can carry on doing it whilst also making sure I don't smell like some rancid beast. So yeah, get the bubbles going (it's not a bath without bubbles), if you're extra fancy get some candles all lit, and just like in the lovely hot water and wash your troubles away.

I also find having a good old scrub and exfoliating away all your dead skin cells and giving your legs a good shave always leaves you feeling soft and silky and like you could potentially take over the world.

2) Body Maintenance

Ignore the title of this point, my brain couldn't muster up anything better. But, by this I mean, pluck the eyebrows you've left growing for far too long, put a good face mask on that will leave you feeling ten years younger and paint your nails. For me, I always feel like I can do anything when I have nicely painted nails, yet rarely actually paint them. So when I'm feeling blue I give them a good paint and I'm left feeling like Blair Waldorf, which is basically my aim in life (except maybe to be a bit nicer than she is...) Also, if you like painting your nails regularly, you have to get the Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops, they're a game changer.

3) Put on your comfies

When you're feeling crap, sitting in your too tight jeans whilst fat is trying to escape from every place it can is not going to make you feel better. Now you're all preened and pampered you need to put on your  comfiest clothes, whether that's your favourite onsie, the PJ's you've had for years or just good old joggers and hoodie, go for it. The bigger, the better!

4) Duvet & DVD

Nothing screams comfort and get me out of my own head then settling down under a comfy duvet and watching a film. Of course for me this normally means a Disney film, however it should be a film that you know is going to make you smile. Unless you're in that mood where you want to cry, but have no reason to cry - then you have to watch The Notebook really. You could always pop your own popcorn for a tasty 'no count' friendly treat too (yes, I know I said no food, but when it's semi healthy, it's ok, right?)

5) Bed

If all else fails put yourself to bed. Sometimes all you need is to go to sleep and wake up with a new day. Plus, there is no better place than your bed!

I'd love to hear your top tips on making yourself feel better when you're down in the dumps too!