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Musings: An(other) Update

I feel like the last few posts I've uploaded have been update ones. Soz about that.
I always wonder if people actually care and whether or not to post these, but then I remember that really this blog is for me, and it's nice to look through posts and understand what I was up to at the time.

So, first things first,  you may or may not have noticed my blog has changed a little. I decided to splash out and buy my own domain, making Fatty Wants a Biscuit a bit more official now. I also moved over from Wordpress to Blogger, which meant I was able to have a bit more control over how my blog looks (and 'cause I didn't wanna pay to direct my blog to my new domain, 'cause you know, girl has Disney crap to buy.)

This move to blogger has meant going through every last post, sorting out images, re-linking things etc. which took more time than expected. 

It also didn't help that I came down with some shitty cold which ruined 2 weeks worth of time, which meant I wasn't able to keep my commitment to myself to keep my blog live and kicking.

However, fingers crossed I should be back to normal now.

During the two weeks I felt like I was dying I ate a ridicoulous amount of crap and the scales are getting dangerously close to a number I'm going to be ashamed to see. 

I'm getting further and further away from the happy place I was last summer and closer and closer to the place I started. Which is obviously not good. 

But for some reason I just can't get myself back into. I feel so torn. I know I'm letting myself down, I know what I need to do, but I worked so hard and got nothing in return earlier in the year, (which was super disheartening,) and I'm kind of just fed up of having to work so hard at this diet malarky. 

So yeah, here's me. Starting again. Both diet wise and blogging wise. 

'Cause hey, what better day to start something than a Monday, right?

p.s. 'Cause I don't feel like I say it enough thank you all so much for the continued support and love you all give me. It never fails to make my day! You awesome people!