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Life: Five of My Fave Disney Etsy Stores

Fave Disney Stores

What's this?! A new category on Fatty Wants A Biscuit? Hold onto your seats guys.

I've mentioned before, that this year, I want to expand my blog a little and post things that maybe don't have a food/fitness focus. Just purely to make it a little more fun for me.

Ooooo change...

I thought I'd start with my current obsession: Disney Etsy stores.

I've never really been a big Etsy shopper, however over the last couple of months I've become sort of obsessed! I'm literally Ariel surrounded by whosits and whatsits a plenty, still wanting moreeee.

There's just so much cute Disney stuff to be bought guys!

Knowing I'm not the only person on the planet who has an apreciation of all things Disney, I thought I'd share some of my fave stores that have all the cute things. Some,I've actually bought things from, some I just stalk and wait till pay day... *heart eyed-emjoi*

Also, most of them don't stock  just Disney stuff, but the Disney they do stock is just beaut!

You're totally welcome.

Megan's Shop was how I first got into Disney Etsy if I'm honest. I saw her Chip artwork on Instagram and proceeded to ask for it for my birthday. From then I've slowly been building up my collection of her art for me Disney wall and have recently purchased this Tangled piece. There just so cute!

Combining my two loves, Disney and slogan sweatshirts. I've got the Tangled jumper already and have this Frozen sweat and Monster's Inc tee on the way and I'm already eyeing up my next pieces. They're just so cool. Plus although they deliver from the US I was super impressed with how quickly it arrived, even over Christmas.

One of my quirks (of which I have many) is that I love mugs, but rarely drink hot drinks. I know, I know. I'm literally running out of space to 'display' my mugs, however when I saw this mug on Tea Please I just knew it had to be mine at any cost. I mean it's not only Disney but also Mean Girls. I'm already eyeing up this mug and this mug, and so many other non-Disney ones. Hey, I may even drink out of one of them.

I literally only discovered this shop less than a week ago (thanks Insta, you babe) but honestly I thought it was so cool and it spurred me on to write this blog post as I wanted to share. I'm currently crushing on this t-shirt, along with this one, this beanie and as soon as I get paid, this t-shirt is being ordered (I doubt I'm going to make it to pay-day let's be honest...)

Another art work shop and one that I'm desperate to shop from to add to my Disney wall. At the moment it's this one that I'm seriously deliberating getting, but there are so many to choose from.

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Now it's over to you, if you have any recommendations of shops I need to be looking at please let me know.

Also, even if you're not a Disney fan (gasps in horror) I'd still check out these stores as they have some awesome stuff in them.