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Food: Let's Do Lunch

healthy lunch ideas

I like lunch.

I also like Breakfast, Dinner, Elevenses and afternoon treat time, but that’s beside the point.

For me, nothing is more exciting than knowing I have a delicious lunch waiting under my desk (‘cause I’m still too scared to work up the courage to use the work fridge, lol) for me to tuck into come lunch time.

So, today I thought I’d share with you some little tips on how I keep on plan at lunch, how I organise my lunch and a few easy to make, lunch time appropriate lunches.

I know, I really do treat you to riveting content.

For my lunch (day at work) I tend to have a main(ish) kind of meal (‘cause hunger), fruit and a yogurt.

My banana is usually munched by 11, I then have my main lunch, yogurt and apple at lunch time, save my ‘treat’ fruit till around 4 then have my orange whenever the mood takes my fancy!

(I am aware how said it is that my food intake is timed, but what can I say? I’mma planner!)

When I mean ‘treat’ fruit I mean pineapple, mango, melon, grapes etc. as they’re so much better than an apple or an orange (even if a little pricier) *sassy hand girl emoji*

Top 5 Make-Ahead Lunches:

Something you may have noticed about me through my meals is that I’m really not a fan of ‘cold’ food. I like something warm, and one of my main concerns about starting my new job was ‘would they have a microwave?’ (Along with all the will anyone like me, and will I end up eating lunch by myself on the loo like in Mean Girls.)

Due to that, all my lunches do require a microwave so soz if you don’t have one!

A lot of the time (actually all the time) I make food ahead of time, wack it in the freezer and pull it out the night before to de-frost.


As I mentioned above, I tend to have all my main meals in the freezer ready to de-frost the night before. This tends to be done either on a weekend or, if I’m lucky, they come from leftovers (having a fussy eater for a brother sometimes works in my favour!)

I then tend to do a big food shop and get my yougurt, fruit and little side things like Pitta Bread etc. on a Sunday. Then do a quick fruit top up around Wednesday (or ask my mom nicely if she’ll get it for me) as I only like green/just yellow bananas and ‘treat’ fruit doesn’t have a long shelf life.

Then every night I get home from work, wash my containers, re-fill them and pop them in the fridge. All I have to do in the morning is pop my ‘main’ meal in my micro container (take a picture, hates self) and then pop it in my little bag and go.

A note on my containers:

I love my Sistema Micro Bowl and also find my Disney Store pots make my lunch that little more cheerful!

In my head this post was going to be really insightful and interesting, but I have a feeling it’s really not.

But if it helps just one person with staying on plan during the workday, then that’s fan-bloomin-tastic!