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Fitness: How I Drag Myself Out of Bed Each Morning to Workout

Morning Workout Motivation

I nearly left the title of this post as 'How I Drag Myself Out of Bed Each Morning' and was like lol, that sounds a lot more depressing than what actually goes on. Though, don't get me wrong, it is pretty depressing when your alarm is going off at 6am because you need to work out and really you could have an extra hour in bed snoozing and dreaming of eating food whilst still looking as hot as Jenifer Lawrence....

Anyway, back to the actual meaning of this post.

I've mentioned before that when I workout, I do so in the morning, because basically I'm a lazy oaf and will think of a million excuses not to workout in the evening.

(B T dubs, if you wanna know what workouts I actually do, lemme point you in the direction of this little ol' blog post.)

I know, however that a lot of people struggle to actually use their get up and go to, well, get up and go. So today I thought I'd share with you the ways I motivate myself to just get up and get it out of the way with.

1. I lay my clothes out the night before.

It may sound quite simple but seeing my clothes on the floor each morning just reminds me I need to do my workout. I also hate mess and if I don't put the clothes on to work out then I have to put them back without having worked out, which just guilt trips me really. Also, when you put them out the night before you get extra snooze time so you don't have to dig around for the right clothes.

2. I get things ready (workout wise) the night before

Just like the clothes, get everything else ready the night before too. Lay out your yoga mat, find your weights, get a drink ready, find your trainers etc... It's much easier to just get on with it once everything is there. I find this especially important when I'm going out for a run.

3. I do things I *kinda* enjoy

Whilst I'd be lying if I said I love working out, I genuinely have found a love for running, even though I dread getting up to go out. Once I'm done though I feel like a right goddess. I also love Friends Fitness 'cause the workouts feel like they're over quite quickly and they don't take up too much time. Win/Win.

4. Plan a tasty breakfast

When you know you've got a bangin' breakfast heading your way after your workout you can use that excitement to get you through. Having breakfast planned and prepped also gives you an extra few minutes in bed too... just saying.

If you're looking for make ahead breakfast ideas, you can check here.

5. I can feel smug for the rest of the day

Honestly, I'm a goodie two shoes who likes feeling a little smug and knows she's done the right thing, so one of my biggest motivatiors is being able to go round being all 'when I did my workout this morning...' It doesn't win you that many friends, but your inner self loves you and you can polish your halos.

I'd love to hear what you do to motivate yourself to get your ass up each morning.