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Musings: Getting your head together after a binge

Getting your head together after a binge

Sometimes we fall off plan. Sometimes it’s just a couple of biscuits that aren’t within our allowance. Sometimes it a couple of packets of biscuits, a chocolate bar, an ice cream, a takeaway and a couple of Daim Eggs that you’re shoving in your gob so fast you don’t realise you’ve left the foil on… (just me?)

These things happen, and whilst I wish I could give you the answer on how to stop them happening, heck, I mean that would finally make me the rich skinny millionaire of my dreams. But instead, I’m just going to tell you the little things I do to make myself feel better after I’ve had a little (big) slip up. Because you know what, we’re all human and we all slip up.

(Big loves to everyone who tells me this on the regular, you guys are right babes and a half.)

My main big blow outs happen on an evening so I tend do these the following day, but these little things can be done any time of the day, and I am a big believer in putting something behind you and just moving on there and then (I am the queen at drawing lines!) so if you’re reading this after a 7am biscuit binge (don’t tell me you haven’t been there too) then hopefully this will still be of help to you too.

1) Sing – I’m a lover of car-oke, I get some tunes going and sing till my little hearts content, however if I’m lucky enough to be at home alone, I turn the kitchen into my dance floor and pretend I’m Taylor Swift and perform to my adoring (invisible) friends sat on the dining table. It does wonders for lifting your mood and if you do get a dance in, then that’s exercise too!

2) Get out the house – away from the food, away from your bad mood and hopefully into the sunshine. I love going for a good walk, but if I’m in a really down mood, then I try and go for a walk in a non-obvious way, like going for a wander round the shops, or even just going round Asda or something. (I love a supermarket does me). Sometimes you just need to get away from the scene of the crime, you know?

3)  Plan your next few meals – If you are starting again the following day, get your meals planned. Plan in things that are good for your body. Don’t restrict yourself, don’t ban anything, but just listen to your body. I often crave a smoothie and vegetables (but not a veg smoothie ‘cause I’m not about that life) so I try and find out ways to have them, but if I get to the end of the day and really want another chocolate bar or an ice cream, I try and see if I can fit something into my allowance, because I know if I restrict myself then I’ll want it more than anything!

4)  DRINK UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME – I drink a lot anyway, but the day after a binge I’m all aboard that water, green tea and peppermint life! Not only does it flush everything out your system, it re-hydrates you, gives you some of your glow back and ‘cause water fills you up you’ll be less likely to re-binge.

5)   Get some sleep – I’m a big advocate of a good night’s sleep and if I’m having a not too great day then I’ve been known to head off to Bedfordshire at around 8.30pm. If I’m in a really not too great headspace I’ll turn off my alarm and skip my morning’s workout. I’ve actually done that all week this week, and having that extra time to just chill in bed in the morning has really refreshed me and put me in a positive mood for the day.

6)  Move on – ultimately this is all you can do. You can beat yourself up for days on end, you can continue to binge, or you can just move on and try again. We’re all trying here, and these things happen.

Please, let me know your tips for moving on after a binge, ‘cause I for one could do with reading them.