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Musings: Eight Ways to Reward Yourself that Aren’t Food

Ways to Reward Yourself that Aren’t Food
totes used that quote so I can include a picture of my pup. Not even gonna pretend I'm sorry!

I know that if I’m going to get anything done, I need an incentive to do it.
One of the reason’s my weight isn’t at a healthy level (and probs never has been, oops) is because for me, food has always been a ‘treat’ or ‘reward’. Had a good week at school? Go get a Belgium Bun (fun story, I had so many Belgium Buns on a Friday the woman in Gregs got to know my name and used to slip me an cheeky extra bun every now and again…) Finished all your homework? Here, have a biscuit. Gotten through a tough week at work? Let’s go eat a 3 course meal and order three desserts between two people.

You get the gist.

I think that rewards are great. I was always the girl who worked harder if she knew she was going to get a sticker or certificate at school. Even better, I made sure I earnt enough house points so I could have some cola bottles at the end of the week in year 3. Wouldn’t you?

When losing weight I believe it’s just as important to reward yourself, but rewarding yourself with food (or booze, we’re all adults here right?) is probably a bit counter intuitive, so I’ve come up with ten rewards that you can treat yourself with that don’t involve the delights of food.

* side word, these may be a bit stereotypical girly rewards, but just in case you weren’t aware, I’m a bit of a stereotypical girl, so yeah!

Buy new clothes – this may be an obvious one, and one you’ve heard many a time, but if you’re going to reward yourself, especially for losing weight, then do it by treating yourself to new clothes that show off just how fabulous you are. I’m annoyingly at the stage where I’m having to buy new clothes ‘cause I’ve gotten too fat  for the clothes I was wearing (well done Laura, idiot) but I’m trying really hard to motivate myself to get back into things so that I’m only buying clothes ‘cause I’ve lost weight again.

Take a long bath – I’m a shower person, I always have been, but there is something special about buying yourself a nice bath bomb and chilling in the bath for a few hours watching something on your iPad that’s propped up on the loo or getting lost in a good book. Give yourself a good scrub first, maybe put on a facemask and if you’re feeling extra fancy put on a hair mask and just chill. Bliss.

Go on a trip – I always get slightly glum when I don’t have things to look forward to, and having a trip planned not only gives me something to aim for, but if you’re smart, book your trip so that it happens after an stressful time, or when you’ve hit a milestone. It doesn’t even have to be a big I’m going to spend millions trip (if you have millions to spend and need a travel buddy, holla) it can just be a go to a nearby town for the day type thing. It’s just good to get out of the same old area every now and then.

Paint your nails/get a manicure – this is one that’s probs not for the lads, but as I’ve mentioned before, nothing makes me feel like I’ve got my life together and can take on the world than having my nails done all nice. But ‘cause I’m lazy I only ever paint my nails on the odd occasion, therefor taking the time out to do it is a treat. If you’re feeling totes fancy and omg I need a treat, then go get someone else to paint them whilst you go for a little snooze. You deserve it after all.

Go get your hair done – this could be a full on colour, cut and omg you’re like a new person visit to the hair dressers or it could just be a ‘I’ve worked hard and someone else can blowdry my hair for me for a change’ kinda visit. Nothing says treat yo’self like going to the hairdressers just for a blowdry.

Have a lie-in – turn off your alarm, forgot the workout and just chill in bed. So often we’re getting up and going and not stopping. There’s no better treat than just lying in bed, scrolling through Insta and just forgetting about everything and anything. I’d say you’d need a minimum of 20 minutes chilling time to make it a ‘treat’.

Try something new – is there anything you’ve ever wanted to learn or know how to do? Take the time to look into if there is a class going on that you could join. It could be a fitness class, a cooking course (yeah, I know, food, but still) or maybe you could learn a new language. The world is your oyster.

Say no to something – Do you ever just say yes to everything you’re asked because you don’t want to let someone down? Or perhaps you’re super stacked and just don’t know how to fit everything in? Say no to something that’s on your list. Go on, do it. Obviously don’t go into work and say no to your boss about working for the day, but perhaps you’ve been asked out for drinks with a group of friends and all you want to do is go home and sleep. Say no. You deserve it.