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Food: Filling and Health Breakfast Stack


The other morning I created a breakfast that made me resemble the heart eyed emoji.

I present to you, by filling and healthy breakfast snack.


McDonalds, eat your heart out.

The best bit, it's zero pp on F&H.


"Filling and Healthy Breakfast Stack" servings="1" time="15mins" difficulty="easy"


1 crumpet

2 bacon medallions

1 egg

Turkey mince

1/4 onion, grated

Splash of Lea & Perins


1) Mix the turkey mince (however much you want) with the onion, Lea & Perins and season. Shape into patties (I use a burger press) and fry in fry light.

2) Cook the bacon however you like, I put mine in the pan with the patties.

3) Cook the egg however you like, I made a muffin as don't like fried egg, but fried would work well.

4) Toast the crumpet.

5) Once everything is cooked, stack and enjoy!

Notes: If you're extra epic, top with an extra crumpet and make it a burger.