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Fitness: 16 Thoughts I have when looking through #Fitness

I think it's no secret that I love the ol' Instagram, and occasionally I like a good scroll through the odd hashtag or too. One of the ones that I often spiral down is #Fitness.

And boy is it a treat.

16 thoughts when looking through #Fitness

It's like that whole new world Aladdin was talking about. Although less Arabian Nights and more, well, muscle.

Don't get me wrong, I've used it myself on many an occasion to try and get my posts seen by more people, but it mainly ends up with little robots saying 'cool' or 'nice post' on my pictures... Gotta love those insta robots. 

However, it often comes up on my 'explore' section, so I thought I'd write down the things that pop into my head when scrolling through, 'cause why not eh?

I mean, who doesn't love a good nosey into the mysterious world that is my brain? (Spoiler alert, my brain is literally Disney, food and tiredness. Not really that exciting!)

- What the hell actually is a protein shake? Does it really taste like a milkshake and should I be trying one or nah?

- Protein Powder? Does it go in a protein shake? Where does the protein come from? Again, what does it taste like? I mean, it must be tasty for everyone to buy it in bulk?

- Am I getting enough protein?

- Gainz? What are they and why do you want them? I mean, I get annoyed when I see a gain...

- Is Protein Powder that expensive you can't buy clothes that cover the whole of your body? I mean, come on. Yes you're fit, no need to rub it in. Put a t-shirt on for goodness sake!

- Porridge, porridge everywhere. Usually with a variety of interesting toppings.

- How does peanut butter help you get gainz and how can I get on board with that? 'Cause let's face it, we're all about that peanut butter life, amirite?

- Now wait a minute, you are someone who does not need to wear clothes *heart eyed emoji* You do you boo.

- How do you even lift your arms up with all that muscle, let alone lift weights? I mean, how do you even fit in clothes? Is this why Hercules wore a dress?

- Ah, of course, under every hashtag is a female who makes me feel inadequate about my body. Super.

- That really doesn't look very comfortable... You ok hun?

- Oh, hi peanut butter, again.

- Selfie or it doesn't count, right?!

- A motivational quote, how motivational *shoves another hobnob in my gob whilst weeping into my phone*.

- So. Many. Pretty. Trainers.

- How are these people not more sweaty?! I'm getting a sweat on just thinking of the exercise they would've done.

Obvs, this is all tongue in cheek, don't want to offend peeps, so please don't take offense, ok?