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Musings: The emotions that lead to eating

There is no doubt around the fact that I'm an emotional eater, which I guess would be ok if I wasn't so much of an emotional person, but quite frankly it's like Inside Out in my brain at all times.

(The bit where Joy and Sadness go missing and everyone fights over the controls and everything goes a bit pear shaped...)

emotions that lead to eating

I've also realised that it's not just eating that my emotions affect, but also shopping. I am an emotional shopper, as well as an emotional eater, which basically means that if I go to Asda anytime near my period or on a bad day then I am leaving the store with basically anything I can fit into my trolley that looks like it might soothe my soul.

I am basically a living dream for anyone with sales targets. 

I mean I've written before how my brain switches between emotions, changing my focus on what to eat, and I honestly believe that fighting the emotional eating would help me lose weight.

The ol' you can't lose weight if your mind isn't in the right place argument.

But instead of working on that, and you know, actually helping myself out a bit, I thought, I know, I'll write a funny (I hope) blog post about it instead.

'Cause there's nothing like burying your head in the sand, right?

Eating when you're happy:

You've just nailed that exam, you got the job you'd applied for, heck, the pair of shoes you've been lusting after for the last few weeks went down to half price in the sale - you grab a bar of chocolate to keep the happy feeling alive. 

Eating when you're upset:

You failed the exam by one point, you didn't get the job you wanted and even the shoes you had your eye on had gone into the sale but sold out in your size. There is only one solution to make this all better, and this is to eat all the good food until the sugar envelopes you into a coma cuddle. 

Eating when you're angry:

Some absolute cottonheadedninnimuggins has cut you up on the way home, someone at work has used your favourite pen and not given it back, and you stubbed your toe on the way through the door. There is only one remedy to making yourself feel better, and that is a take away that includes all the carbs and preferably melted cheese, with something sweet for dessert. 

Eating when you're tired:

You know the feeling, you can barely keep yourself awake 'cause you literally could not sleep the night before and even breathing is taking up too much energy, so the thought of eating anything that isn't carbs or full of sugary goodness is just not going to happen. 

Eating when you're stressed:

So you're going on holiday in two days, you haven't packed, you haven't lost the five stone you'd promised yourself and the goldfish just does not seem himself at the moment, which means the only solution is to build yourself a fort from bedsheets and eat all of the chocolate until you need to leave.

It's the only way.

Eating when you're bored:

This is by far the worst, and main culprit. You're just sitting there, minding your own business. Perhaps you ate lunch about half an hour ago at work and have a quiet afternoon, perhaps it's a Sunday and you're just enjoying your Disney movie marathon and then all of sudden your brain is like "YOU NEED TO EAT FOOD, YOU NEED TO EAT FOOD NOW AND IT NEEDS TO BE CHOCOLATE." Like, calm down brain, chill a bit. But you still have to get that bar of chocolate...

And then I'm going to end this post by just leaving this here:

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