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Musings: 24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like they've been trying to lose weight their whole life, right? RIGHT?

I mean, I'm only 24 and already getting a bit fed up of this lose/gain always feeling like a fatty malarky.

24 Thoughts people who are trying to lose weight have daily

Instead of wallowing, even more, I decided to write this blog post, in the hopes that I'm not alone (or a total crazy person).

Obviously, this post is written by someone who is trying to lose weight and not doing too great. It would probs be a bit different if I was feeling 100% motivated.

Hopefully my motivation will come back soon, although I am getting kinda worried that I may have eaten it...

1. Let's do this, I got this. Today is going to be a good day. I can totes do this, I'm a weight loss Queen, just pass me my crown.

2. Oh, this top's a bit tight, but I'll buy it anyway for when I've lost 10lbs.

3. CAKE! There's cake in the office. Must avoid. Must stay calm. Remember, cake can smell fear.

4. How can that person eat that much cake and still look as good as they do? Life really is not fair 

5. Water, must drink the water. Give me all the water.

6. I need the loo again already? People are going to think I have a problem...

7. Is it lunch time yet? How is it only half 9? What is this trickery?

8. If I close my eyes and use my imagination, this banana tastes so much better than that cake.

9. Well, if I park in this spot I'll have to walk at least an extra 100 steps which obviously equals a small treat, right? Maybe that bit of cake...

10. I wonder how much weight I've lost in the last hour...

11. Maybe I've just been standing on the scales wrong the last time.

12. I'll walk 'the long way' to the loo this time, that'll burn some fat right?

13. Why hasn't everyone eaten all the cake yet?

14. Am I ever going to be slim?

15. FFS, someone needs to get rid of that cake.

16. Well, let me work out the syns/calories/points of a slice of cake, what can I remove from my day so I can have some.

17. No! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, remember!

18. Who am I kidding, cake! Cake tastes like I want to stay fat forever.

19. Remember the top you bought earlier.

20. Great, dinner tastes like arse. Who even invented Quiona anyway? And why is it not pronounced quay-no-a?

21. Must not get a chip shop. Must not get a chip shop.

22. Quick, brush your teeth before you eat anything else.

23. I stayed on plan all day today, why is my stomach still spilling over into my bed?

24. Life's not fair.

And, in case you were wondering what a day in the life of my brain actually looks like, let me point you in the direction of this post.