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Musings: Scales aren't friends, or food

What do the scales say?

'Scuse the title of this post, I couldn't think of anything and then went kinda Finding Nemo on it!

Over the last month I've had a bit of a battle with the scales. They're just not playing nice and I'll admit they're getting me down. Now I thought maybe I should right a long post explaining my sad emotions and efforts, but I just couldn't bring myself to write it.

I want to share good times and bad times with this blog, but I also don't want to become a negative ninny. There's more to life than those scales and I need to stop being so sad about them. So from now on I'm giving myself weigh day to wallow and the rest of the week I'm not allowed to care. So instead of a long, boring, rambly post about my issues, I've decided to write a poem about the scales instead. My hope is that it'll cheer at least one person up.
Why do we all fret

Over a silly little step?

The scales can often suck,

Unless you find a little luck

And often they don not reflect

The numbers we suspect.

Too often they're not kind,

So it plays on our little minds.

They go up and they go down

They make us smile or make us frown.

Even when we try to show it who's boss,

We still don't get a loss.

Yet we must remember, at the end of the day

We're worth so much more than they can say.

The things that they don't show,

Smaller jeans and a healthy glow;

Now that is totally rad,

Don't let the scales make you feel sad.

So next time you go weigh

Remember to stand proud and say;

"I know that I'm fantastic,

And you're just made of plastic."

As you're so much more worthwhile,

Than a number on a dial.


  1. “I know that I’m fantastic,

    And you’re just made of plastic.”

    Love that! Will definitely be using that next time I'm under attack from the scales! Keep positive and I hope the scales start getting kinder soon x

  2. Your poem surely cheered me up! I'm starting over again and I like your positivity. You have so much to be proud of! Well done!