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Fitness: So you ran a 10K...


I don't post many fitness posts on here as although fitness is now very much a part of my life, it's just not as interesting to me as writing recipes and random list type posts. 

However, I thought I'd do a little update of what I'm up to now that I've completed my first 10K race (at the start of May!)

So I actually did it, I have a medal in my room that proves I ran 10K. I did it in 1 hour and ten minutes and ran the whole way, wooo! It was such an amazing experience, and I'm now training for a half marathon.

Yup, that's right. The girl who couldn't run for sixty seconds last October is now looking to run a half marathon this October. Pretty freaky stuff.

I just Googled a free half marathon training plan and have been loosely following that. I still haven't gotten past 10K yet, but should be going further in the next couple of months.

I still do 2-3 other more strength based workouts in the week too.

So yeah, a pretty pointless vaguely narcissistic post, BUT I'M TRAINING FOR A HALF MARATHON!

Any thoughts, help and tips would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Wow well done. Can't believe you ran a 10k and are training for a marathon. Brave girl. I've completed a 5k race now and starting training to do a 10k so nice to know someone's come out the other side. xx

  2. What a great motivation! How did you start training? I'd really want to get into it myself but not sure where to start. Do you have any tips for beginners like me? xx

  3. Hi Katie, I started training using the Couch to 5K app, and once I'd finished that I just kept increasing my distance :) I really recommend looking into the couch to 5K stuff, I found it really helpful :) xx

  4. Thank you! Good luck for your 10k :)