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Musing: Ten weigh day things we all do

Ten Weigh Day Things

You all know the feeling right? The night before weigh in, those couple of hours before, when you're stomach is in knots and you're mentally berating yourself for every little crumb that's passed your lips over the past week since you were last in this predicament.

It's this feeling that leads us to do crazy things, and after speaking to some lovely people on Twitter the other day, I was inspired to write a list of all the crazy things we do to ensure that we see a loss on those scales.

1) Weigh your clothes to see which items weigh the lightest.

2) Make sure the only hair left on your bodies is on your head.

3) Take every piece of unnecessary clothing off . Good by hairbands, bracelets and socks (if you weigh at home, you will probably be starkers!)

4) Stop eating/drinking for a minimum of an hour beforehand. Longer if you can.

5) Go to the loo and don't leave until there is nothing left.

6) Brush your hair. Knots could weigh at least half a pound.

7) File down your nails and remove any nail varnish.

8) Make sure you're weighing in the exact same clothes as last time, even down to the underwear.

9) Try and make sure you go to the same scales each week at the same time. Who knows what a different location would do.

10) Go to the loo, just one last time. You know, just in case.

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