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Musings: The lies we tell ourselves when trying to lose weight

Us weight loss peeps are pretty good at many things, though in my case that doesn't involve actual weight loss. Awks.

But one of the things we're exceptionally good at is telling ourselves some little porkies, that, in the end, begin to affect our weight loss.

The lies we tell ourselves when trying to lose weight
Why we have this need to fib is beyond me.

'Cause I reckon if we ended up being more honest with ourselves, we'd be totally smashing our goals and our loved ones wouldn't be the ones lying when we ask them if our bum looks big in things...

- I’ll just have the one biscuit

- One more won’t hurt (they're meant to be eaten in twos after all) 

- I don’t care what the scales say

- I'll buy this and then lose weight to fit into it 'cause it will look great with that other thing I bought 6 months ago that I'm still trying to fit into

- I'm totally going to lose 2 stone by the end of next month

- I'll start on Monday 

- I'm sure it's not that many syns/calories/points 

- Well, when I lose weight again...

- Yeah the diets going fine, great actually, thanks so much for asking Susan

- No, it's ok, I don't really want a slice of that delicious looking chocolate fudge cake

- I don't need a dessert thanks, I'm full from my main

- Drinks don't count, right?

- If I walk around the block I can have that extra chunk of cheese

- I sneezed really vigorously earlier, so that burned enough calories for a(nother) biscuit

- I don't need any help, I can totes do this by myself

- If no-one sees me eating this, then it doesn't count (secret eaters unite)

- I'll just have one more 'bad' day, then straight back on it tomorrow

- It's just one day, one day won't hurt

- I really wanted to be good today, but ya know, life and all that

- It's only 9am and I've messed up so obviously today is ruined and I'll have to wait till tomorrow...

What lies do you tell yourself when you're trying to lose weight?