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Musings: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

Today I’m sharing with you a post that may offend some because it contains the ‘C’ word.

No, not that ‘C’ word, because I physically cannot say that word. No really, it gets stuck in my throat and I just can’t bring myself to utter it.

No, the ‘C’ word I’m giving light to on this fine Octobery day, is Christmas.

The Ultimate Guide of Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

I know, please don’t come for me Christmas haters. It’s for a good cause, I promise.

Now, I’m fully aware not everyone has started their Christmas shopping, has bought all their Christmas decorations, is itching to decorate the house and has got their Christmas DVD’s out yet (lol, like I put mine away) BUT, the shops are more than ready at this moment at time, which I feel means WE have to be ready.

Because guys, the treats are already out.

And nothing hinders a weight loss like a Christmas aisle. Am I right?

The Ultimate Guide of Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

However, I don’t want us to be cowering away from said aisles, nor do I want us to be binge eating our way down it to the point of having to be rolled out of the store and banned for life. 

Instead, I want us to embrace it! I want us to feel cool, calm and collected around these Christmas treats, because god damn it, no one should be left behind at Christmas.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of buying a few of these treats. I’m testing them, I’m eating them responsibly, and I’m sharing with you the ones that won’t break your food bank balance (I’m talking syns, points calories etc.) and won’t leave you feeling left out of all the goodies.

BUT, I don’t want to leave it there. Nope. I want your help. (Picture war-time poster with me pointing a finger at you with chocolate smeared round my face.)

The Ultimate Guide of Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

Now, I’m only one woman (I may look the size of two, but that’s a different story) and I can’t do this post the justice I think it deserves without you, so I want to propose something.

I want this post to the Ultimate Guide to Christmas Treats for people trying to lose weight.

Now I’ve only purchased a handful of the treats that are on offer right now, and I can only really give you Syns and Calorie values, but you guys. You guys can give me more.

So, either leave me a comment below, or Tweet me, leave me a Facebook or Instagram comment, or even send me an email ( if that’s your jam.

Tell me the value of something you’ve had and enjoyed, or perhaps the value of something I’ve missed out on, and together, we can make the ultimate list that will have fatties everywhere uniting, because, let’s face it. Christmas is a time of giving. Right?

(Of course I’ll give you credit for submissions too, I’m not a monster.)

The Ultimate Guide of Christmas Chocolate (for people trying to lose weight)

I've broken them down into 'Syn' order, purely because I needed some way to make it slightly easy to navigate, but logically if it's low in syns, it should be low in points/calories too. 

3 Syns and Under

Mini Lindt Ball (per ball) - 1 Syn/ 6 Calories (estimated)

Mini Lindt Bear - 3 Syns

4 Syns

Mini Malteaser Reindeer - 4 Syns

Mini Cadbury Santa - 4 Syns/80 Calories

5 Syns

Smarties Penguin - 5.5 Syns/ 110 Calories

6 Syns

7 Syns

Milkybar Snowman - 7 Syns/ 136 Calories

8 Syns

Regular Malteaser Reindeer - 8 Syns

9 Syns

Reeses Christmas Tree - 9 Syns/ 186 Calories (estimation)


  1. I love this idea! I love funsize crunchies, they are 4 syns. I was only looking up Reese's stuff the other day (I accidentally bought Reese's chocolate spread ��) and the tree is only 8.5. I know the difference isn't much but it's an extra Mikado!

    1. WHAT? OMG!! You've totally made my day!!!