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Musings: The Things We Think Don't Matter But Do When Losing Weight

Losing Weight Help

When we first start try to lose weight we can be extremely particular about exactly what we're eating. Like, ridiculously, painfully, not living our lives so. 
We weigh things religiously, we make sure we know exactly what's going in our mouths, then a couple of weeks later we get a tiny bit complacent.

Or at least I think that's everyone else too and not just me? Bit awks if so, but gonna write this presuming someone else does the same...

I mean, you're not all slaves to your kitchen scales, right? RIGHT?

Once we get a bit complacent we begin to slip little extras into our gobs, that at the time we don't think too much of, but once we don't see numbers we like on the scale (and can't figure out why) it's soon apparent that these little things are why.

And don't get me wrong, it's totally unfair and downright appalling, but as we all know, this weight loss malarky ain't fair nor easy, the knobhead!

- That extra splash of milk in your coffee cup

- The gallon of Ketchup poured over your chips

- The tiny bit of chicken skin that jumps into your mouth

- That crispy bit of fat on your bacon that you just can't bear to pull off

- Just the one bite of chocolate, I mean, a nibble is barely anything...

- The little extras off of your partner's/child's/dog's (lol jk, please) plate

- The tiny bit of crackling that just runs and dive bombs into your mouth (it has a nasty habit of doing that, you have to really watch yourself around crackling)

- The little bit of Nutella that just attaches itself onto your finger and forces you to remove it with your mouth... (Nutella is very dirty like that...)

- The sip of someone else's beer/cocktail/FULL FAT COKE (the horror)

- The cookie you eat at work then forget to write down in your tracker because it was just the one and what harm could it do? (If you don't write it down or take a picture, it sadly does still count!)

- The extra mouthfuls of meals you have whilst 'taste testing' during cooking, even if it is under the guise of quality control. 

- The lick of the bowl, whisk, spoon, when making a cake for someone else

- The chip you're dishing up for someone else that just so happens to jump in your mouth on the way to the plate (sneaky buggers chips are)

- Or even the chip from someone else's plate when you're eating out and having a salad or jacket potato instead (as I said, they're sneaky)

- The extra bit of un-weighed butter/mayo/salad cream/ jam that's still on your knife whilst making sandwiches

Basically anything where you can say "I shouldn't of eaten that, but it was only a little bit" is what makes the difference between "just a little" loss and a "oh my God I'm owning this shiz" kind of loss.

I'm totally not trying to be your mom or anything with this post, as always it's more to tell myself off and give myself a kick up the backside.

If it helps someone else out, then that's just a bonus!