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Food: Three Meals for your Slow Cooker

Things have been a little hectic for this fatty the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of blog posts, but today I finally  found a few minutes to get a little post up, because it's something that really helped me out a couple of weeks ago, and ya know, I love trying to be helpful.

So yeah, a couple of weeks ago, I went on holiday with my family for a few day, but I came back on the Tuesday, whilst they stayed on until the Friday (sob.)

Three Meals for your Slow Cooker

So that meant I was responsible for cooking tea for both Mr Bicuit and I for the rest of the week. And, well, I was getting up at 6am to take him to the station, leaving the house around 7.30am to get myself to work, then not getting home till 6ish, which, when you go to bed around 9pm (ok, 8.30pm) it didn't leave me with much time to spend faffing with making a nice dinner.

That meant I had to call on my true hero. My slow cooker.

Sidenote: If anyone wants to buy me this bad boy, I wouldn't say no.

I love my slow cooker. It saved me so much time. I literally bunged everything in the evening, popped it in the fridge, then before  I left I shoved it on low and let it cook throughout the day.

Now, I know you're all busy people too, probably busier than I, so I thought I'd share with you my three fave slow cooker recipes.

1. Campfire Stew

I forgot just how much I love this recipe, it's so tasty, and really filling too. Find the recipe here.

2, BBQ Pulled Pork

Such a staple meal, and one I always love to pull out. Find my recipe here.

3. Beef and Veg

This was a total made up number, as I did the Asda shop in a post 5 hour car journey zombie state of mind and didn't now what I was picking up, but it was really tasty.

I chopped up some onions so that they were chunky, peeled and chopped some carrots, and chucked a load of chopped casserole steak in. I then added some Lea&Perins, 500ml of Beef Stock, and some seasoning and that was it. So simple, so tasty.

What are your fave slow cooker recipes?


  1. I would love that slow cooker, have seen it so many times and just wish could get it here!!
    Love slow cooker dinners - I use mine all the time. Regularly every week. Even better with slow cooker liners - don't need to scrub it all then!! (Amazon)
    I do meatballs, chilli con carne, bolognaise, gammon joint with can of cherry coke (don't use the liquid after just the meat) Mexican chicken, chicken fajitas (basically same as Mexican chicken but no chopped tomatoes/passata lol) beef casserole, bbq sausage casserole, curry, chicken jambalaya , also do a batch of tomatoe sauce - loads of different vegetables in chunks, couple tins of chopped tomatoes - high for couple of hours, then blend it all up, depending on how thick it is add some vegetable stock. Then I split down so have it to freeze into portions - pasta sauce, pizza base etc. just need to add extra herbs/seasonings to it ! ) xx

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