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Food: A Filling and Healthy Weekend


I often get asked about Filling and Healthy on my Instagram, and as I know some people find it confusing, I thought I'd create a little menu for a Filling and Healthy weekend. I don't think any of the meals are over 1 pro point, leaving you plenty of weeklies for a little tipple or extra treat.

Friday night:

Starting off with a Friday night fakeaway. I highly recommend the Hairy Dieters books. They're super adaptable and the recipes are easy to follow and lead to tasty results.

ProPoints: 0

Saturday Morning:

Pancakes just make the weekend in my opinion. You can find the recipe for these ones here. 

ProPoints: 0

Saturday Lunch:

This sandwich looks truly decadent but is totally on plan, and will keep the hunger at bay till dinner. Grab 3 slices of Weight Watchers brown sliced bread, some lettuce and tomatoes and some bacon medallions and layer it all up.

ProPoints: 0

Saturday Night:

Nothing says a Saturday evening like good old steak and chips.

ProPoints: 0

Sunday Brunch:

After a nice lazy morning, treat yourself to this bad boy. Put some bacon medallions in the grill, scramble up some eggs, lightly cook some mushrooms and tomatoes in fry light (or pop them in the oven), add some beans and toast up a Warbutons thin. There my friends is the ultimate filling and healthy brunch.

ProPoints: 0

Sunday Dinner:

It's not Sunday without a roast in my opinion. The only thing I wish was that Lamb was classed as F&H as I miss it, but I can live without. If you didn't have gravy, it would be free (or you could make your own gravy with an oxo cube) however I can't be without gravy.

ProPoints: 1

I hope this has given you some ideas, and please let me know if you'd like to see other posts like this.