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Food: Baked Oat Breakfast

If you're on Instagram you may have noticed that baked oats have taken over thanks to the lovely Phoebe Court, and I for one have jumped onto the bandwagon and I'm well and truly enjoying the ride.


After trying out numerous combinations, I've decided that this flavour is my far my favourite, and I'm continuing to chow down on it most days for breakfast, so I thought I'd share how I make them.

First off you take Phoebe's baked oats recipe (I use 40g of oats, 50 ml of skimmed milk & a small egg) then I sprinkle over 1g of soft brown sugar (which is actually quite a lot) a dash of mixed spice and 19g of dried mixed fruit. Mix it all together and bake in two little muffins for around 15 mins.

And there you have it.

I love this flavour as it feels like I'm eating rock cakes for breakfast, and who doesn't love cake for breakfast?