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Musings: Being proud of your journey

Be proud of your journey!  #skinnyms #transformation #enewsletter

I've been having a little ponder over the weekend around the concept of feeling proud. For me, I find it a little hard, but also at the same time rather easy to feel proud of myself.

I'm the sort of person that likes attention but also hates being the centre of attention. I know, I'm very odd.

On Friday night I went out for dinner for my boyfriend's sisters birthday and saw lots of their family who I hadn't seen in a long time. They all commented on my weight loss and told me how great I was, and whilst I was truly flattered I had no idea what to say back, so I blushed and said thank you.

The silly thing is I'm immensely proud of myself and how much I've achieved, and I'm definitely in the current mindset of 'look how far I've come' rather than 'oh God I've got so far to go,' but hearing other people say things, to my face, is still quite hard to comprehend. I guess it's easier for me posting things on the Internet for people I don't know to tell me how fabulous I am, as I'm much more confident behind a screen.

So I'd like to know, what is it you say to people? Do you tell them all about it, or do you try to change the subject?

For my boyfriend's sisters birthday she decided to go out for a Chinese; so 19 people went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, where they serve it to your table. Now, I looove Chinese food, so this was a dream, but I was actually quite anxious so how the heck was I meant to point it? But you know what, I tried my best to not over indulge, but also tried my best to just enjoy myself.

Maybe I did overeat, maybe I won't lose half a pound at weigh in tomorrow, but I tried my best. I've tried all I can this week, and if it wasn't enough, then that's life. I can only hope to try better next week.

My weight loss journey is far from over, but I'm actually closer to the end than the start, so so what if I have a week where I don't lose because I was out living my life. I've got a ton more weeks to make a difference.

Also over the weekend I had a slight epiphany over weight loss and exercise and I came to realise that it doesn't matter how fast, or slow you go, or how many times you stop, as long as you finish.

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