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Fitness: What I've learnt so far on the Couch to 5K programme

20141113-184449-67489900.jpgAloha amigos (don't ask, just go with it!)

I'm now over half way through with the C25K programme and thought I'd give you my thoughts/some advice on what I've learnt so far.

On the day of writing this (I say this as I'm a post scheduler rather than a type and post straight away kind of gal) I've just completed week 5 day 2 and whilst the last couple of minutes were tough, I'm finding the programme ok. I like seeing the progression each week and continue to amaze myself with how much I can add to each run. How I'm going to complete week 5 day 3 is a mystery to me as it seems like a huge jump between running eight minutes and running 20.

Anyway, I'll cross that bridge when I run to hit (haha)!

So, the purpose of this post, what I've learnt/some advice:

You'll finally understand what people talk about when they talk about a runners buzz. It's amazing to see yourself hit goals and achieve what seems, and what was once, impossible.

Whilst each week seems scary, the programme actually works (go figure) and you'll amaze yourself when complete each day, looking at the past one fondly because it now seems so easy. Seriously if you ask me to repeat week one I'd do it with a smile on my face, it seems so easy now whereas at the time it was harder than choosing what pair of shoes to wear (which is a verytough decision I'll have you know).

You'll find yourself actually looking forward to each run as you know how great you feel when you get back knowing you've accomplished something you never imagined possible.

It's important to wear and use the right equipment. You need to make sure your water bottle is a good enough size to carry, you have to make sure you're warm enough and don't wear anything that could fall off or slow you down.

A minute seems like a lifetime when your running and a second when you're walking.

It's actually easier when you pick up pace then when you're doing a shuffle/waddle run.

Knowing you can do this makes you feel like you can do anything!



  1. I LOVE this! gives me goosebumps as i was there this time last year. The last few weeks are tough but yes you are right it gives such an amazing sense of achievement - go twinny! xxx

  2. Aw, thank you lovely. Sorry I've only just got your latest comments! Thanks for all your encouragement Twinny :)