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Measuring Progress #2

Four Months 31lbs lost Four Months 31lbs side- 31lbs

So a whole month has passed since I last posted progress, and I definitely think this is much better than a weekly weigh in result.

Since last time I've another 6.5 lbs and achieved my 2 stone award, wooo!!!

Pictures wise, when I looked I almost felt that I looked bigger than last months pictures, but I think that my boobs have shrunk along with my belly, so that's why there isn't much difference, if that makes sense?

So to make myself feel better I've done a progress from start to now along with the photos from each month!

My three NSV's of the past month are:

Going down a size in my jeans:

I can now get into size 16 jeans! I feel amazing when I'm wearing them. Here is a picture of the jeans I started in, the jeans I got when I hit 1 stone and my current jeans!

Doing all the buttons of my shirt up:

I've only ever been able to wear this shirt open as the buttons have never done up. Now I can do them all up and feel rather fab about it.

Finishing week 4 of the C25K:

So I can actually run (wobble) for 5 minutes consecutively now! So thrilled!